New Years Eve for Under $100

While browsing's extra 20% off clearance, I spotted this slinky silver dress and felt inspired to put together a new years eve look.

Total: $98.40

(on a completely random note, why can't I ever seem to make my polyvore sets fill the whole space? Is there some secret trick I don't know about?)


  1. i love ur blooooooooooog
    Good work i follow u.
    vist&folloe me 2
    and please read my post abot the careras gala.
    this people need our help!

    have a nice weekend & a good christmas time.
    tzoules k.

  2. Love the pink belt!

    Not sure I can help you on the Polvyore front. It baffles me still.

  3. The white space is dictated by the frame of your pieces. So if you use text and don't shrink the box correctly, everything will be squished to one side. Try putting a square underneath to give yourself a frame, and deleting it before publication.