Black Lace and White Ruffles

Black lace skirt, White ruffel top, Red Pumps
Today was my work Christmas party, and I was excited to wear my white tiered ruffle top. I decided to keep it very simple and paired it with a black lace skirt, a black cardigan, and my red pumps. For accessories I wore two necklaces, the pre-strung pearls I made into a necklace and a small gold bow with a single rhinestone in the center.
pearls and bow
My efforts of course went unnoticed by my coworkers (most of whom were wearing jeans and sneakers) - but just because I work in the the worlds most causal office, doesn't mean I shouldn't always dress my best.

I also am proud to say that this outfit cost under $100, and I put together a polyvore set to that effect. The only item on it which is exactly what I'm wearing is the lace skirt, but all the others are very similar.


  1. jeans to the christmas party - that sucks! you on the other hand looked fabulous.

  2. What a cute outfit! I love your shoes.