Black Velvet Boyfriend Blazer

I probably have an undiagnosed case of OCD.

As previously mentioned, I've been on the hunt for a black velvet blazer, and after scrutinizing every one I found online, trying to find one in a store, and spending hours searching ebay, I finally decided I liked the Urban Outfitters Silence and Noise boyfriend blazer best.

So two things happened the other week, first the UO blazer went on sale from $78 to $49, making it buyable. The second thing was that it went out of stock the next day.

Called my local Urban Outfitters, but they didn't have it in stock at all. So rather than just letting it go, I'm suddenly checking the website every hour to see if my blazer comes back in stock. This seems very possible to me since they are offering free returns and exchanges.

So I check. First there is a large, next extra small, then nothing. But I keep checking, and checking. Thankfully, three days later a medium was back and I was able to nab it. I probably would have deteriorated into a crazy person if I'd had to obsess over it any longer.

The blazer has arrived and while I do really like it, I'm a little disappointed that it isn't lined (I supposed I should have assumed that they would have mentioned it if it was!) and the sleeves are way too long for me. Should be an easy fix though. The general fit of the blazer is more relaxed and roomie, as it is meant to be a 'boy' cut.

So my question is:
Good things come to those who wait, or She who hesitates is lost?


  1. Cute! I like it a lot. I'm more on the "she who hesitates is lost" side of the fence. Like you, I'll go back and forth on whether I want to buy something, but the minute it's not available, I suddenly realize that I REALLY WANTED it. Haha!

  2. Good things come to those who wait!! :) Love the blazer on you!

  3. I have two black velvet blazer and one in burgundy. It's an addiction.

  4. I think you could go smaller. I was recently on the same hunt for a black velvet blazer (which is how I found this post) and found one at a Gap factory outlet marked down from $80. to $15.00!! I think shipping is like $5 but it's a sweet blazer and worth the effort if you're unhappy with the one you've got. Last time I was in they had a bunch left.
    The store number is 801.621.4425
    Good luck!