Saturday Shopping

Better check the naughty box for me!

Today I went out shopping with the intentions of buying for others, and all I managed to do was buy more things for myself. Horrible, I know.

At a church fair I found this black and white beaded clutch for $10. It might be super cool vintage, or it might have been made in China last year, but I'll never really know. No labels of any kind can be found on it. Wouldn't it be so cute with a little red dress?

Yes, the iPhone dressing room mirror shot!
At TJMaxx I had two great finds to indulge my ruffle obsession: the three tiered white chiffon top was $17 and the black jersey with chiffon ruffles was $14. Both would be great for any holiday parties, and I wonder if I could dress them down enough for work as well?

I was also hoping to find a black velvet blazer out in the wilds of TJMaxx, or at least try on the Urban Outfitters boyfriend blazer, but my local store didn't have it. All I found at TJ's was this bright pink one for $40 - cute, but not at all the look I want.


  1. Oh, TJ Maxx. There's something thrilling about getting cool clothes and being able to see how much less you're paying than someone else.

  2. And God said "thou shalt not consume purses!"