I think I should probably do laundry today

Finally done with my challenges! The capsule wardrobe was pretty successful, I think I got seven unique looks out of five pieces of clothing.

Day Seven!
capsule wardrobe completed

The wrap top again, now wrapped much tighter, and safety pinned at the top, just to be extra careful, since I couldn't wear a cammi underneath! Clearly I couldn't go without pattern, so I added the leopard scarf. As predicted, no one at work questioned any of my repeat clothes.

The Rundown
Skirt Made By Me - Top Arabella - Sandals Onex - Scarf Was my great aunts - Earrings Taken for Granite

Oh yeah... roundup photo:

To wrap up the Blackout Challenge, I wanted to do something bold and colorful and I had on this pink ruffled top and my turquoise frye sandals and then I went outside and it was 60 degrees! Where did my summer go?

Blackout Challenge

Once I decided to change I had nothing but problems with everything I put on. Half my closet is now on my bed and I finally just decided to settle on the (insane?) combination of navy stripes, pale green seersucker and tie die. I was looking at the J.Crew catalog earlier, and if not for being under the J.Crew influence, I can't think of any other time when I'd think this combination would work.


The verdict is still out on these shorts. They are walking shorts that I cuffed until I liked the length. The standard length of shorts was feeling a bit too revealing, and the walking short length seemed to overwhelming on my figure, so I compromised.

Walking down the path

For some reason, the khaki shorts make me think of what a gym teacher would wear if she were trying to get dressed for a formal event.

pocket watch necklace

The Rundown
Top Gap - Blazer Free People - Shorts Gap - Bag Big Buddha - Necklace Etsy - Sandals Nine West

I am feeling the need to shop so badly... I spent three hours looking on Amazon and DSW and Piperlime for shoes last night, and I wanted to buy about 100 pairs. I also started lusting after lenses for my camera, I now desperately need a wide angle lens for $700 and a telephoto lens for $500... and have you ever noticed how easy Amazon makes it for you to buy stuff? One click and you're done... I'm worried my impulsive fingertips might stray... maybe I should just go binge on some chocolate?

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  1. I love that animal print scarf!

    Isn't Amazon dangerous? Yesterday before I even knew it I had purchased a basket for my bike and was just one wrist motion away from buying a camera as well. Eeep!

  2. i do love your outfits! especially the first!

  3. I want to go shopping very badly too...

  4. Buying online is dangerous, I can easily get carried away.

  5. Good job ... you look great!

  6. Lovely outfits!:D I like the 1st one the most.:D

    Yes, online shopping could be so addicting... chocolate can sometimes help, though!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  7. the first pic is delightful. soooo something i'd rock! great job girl!!


  8. I love the round -up : ) You "rocked" this challenge.

    Also- hehe I'll be doing lots of laundry this weekend too!

  9. Fabulous looks! Love how you remixed everything - so creative!

    I agree, internet shopping is dangerous - just click click and it's yours! Good luck with deciding on new lenses - they are definitely worth the $$!

  10. Loving the outcome of your challenge! Your Marie skirt is gorgeous, I was wearing mine yesterday funnily enough! eBay is my guilty secret for shopping now; I sold a couple of bits earlier in the month and so now I have funds in my paypal account...waaaay too tempting to shop! :D

  11. aaahh, what a wonderful scarf! it's beautiful! :D


  12. I love seeing all the outfits next to each other! I really gives me a good idea of how you used your choices! And I love that skirt. Plain and simple. Perfect color of green.

    Also, I am so jealous of you being able to give yourself a braid headband.

  13. You did a great job with it lady. Gorgeous blazer!

  14. Love both outfits! I think the seersucker and striped shirt totally work for summer. And the braid as well :)

  15. You made that skirt?! NICE WORK LYDDIE!!!!!

    Nice that no one noticed the rotation of the clothing! Probably cause you mixed it up so well ;)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  16. It's amazing how the outfits look so different and yet there were many pieces repeating, I loved watching you do the challenge (as I'm challenge challenged hehe)You did a great job combining the pieces, the braid looks amazing, I tried it once and undid my hair because I didn't like it, but you look great!

  17. Cute post!

    Thanks for your lovely comment! <3

    Your blog makes me smile,

  18. You have such amazing style!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!


  19. You made that green skirt? How did I miss that detail the last time I was on your blog? It's amazing. I want one for myself. Love your shoes. Congrats on being so darn creative.


  20. I love the green skirt, it's awesome that you made it yourself :)

    xx miss anonymous.

  21. amazing looks and lovelyblog!

    i think im going to follow you (:

  22. You have done a great job remixing your 5 items for the wardrobe challenge, gold star to you :-)

  23. Nice job with your challenge! And your braided hair looks so super cool!


  24. Lovely green skirt! <3 Have a nice weekend!

  25. You should do a how-to hair post on your hairstyle bc I love it ♥

    Mon Mode Blog

  26. you did such an amazing job remixing! i'm loving this final look :)

  27. Well done sweetie those outfits are beautiful...and you are so pretty:)
    I adore the last look....WOW...:)
    Kisses my lovely and enjoy your weekend:)

  28. Awesome work completing your wardrobe challenge. Love the outfits - especially that green skirt!

  29. I treid to pick out a look that I like most but that turned out to be quite impossible: I love them all, and the green skirt is simply amazing!

  30. 60 degrees.. that would be so nice. It's already in the 92-98 degrees here. I will gladly trade you up.

    I love all of your remixes! Seriously, you can't even tell they're the same items. :) Quite impressive. And I love your blazer!

  31. Just stumbled on your blog!

    LOVE the idea of a wardrobe challenge. I'm always trying to challenge myself to wear clothes that somehow end up at the bottom of my wardrobe. That usually doesn't happen ;)

    Anyways, you look FANTASTIC. I especially love that skirt. AND YOU MADE IT! Cherry on top!

    Check out mine?

  32. ahhh great outfits

    im also in a shopping mood, but must resist as i have no money

  33. love the outfits. You look adorable. And the purse from the last outfit is AMAZING

  34. the color of the skirt is beautiful! it's the perfect shade.


  35. Very cute outfit!! The leopard scarf really adds a lot of interest to the outfit so good choice!


  36. I am so impressed, great work! Will definitely participate in a capsule challenge one round.

  37. This was really wonderful! I think you made all of the looks with the same pieces mixed and matched work fabulously! You know about my Remix Challenge right? Well, see my entry Polka Remix if you are curious, but on Fridays I do a Remix Wrap Up where I highlight other bloggers remixing their wardrobe. Would you mind if I included you this coming Friday? I would use a picture from your entry, link you, and suggest people stop by your blog. Let me know if you think that is ok.

  38. I looove your hair like that in the last pic. It looks makes the outfit. Which I happen to think is very cute to begin with.

  39. Thanks for joining the challenge. Look out for the next one in September!
    Jane X

  40. i just stumbled upon your blog! greeat outfit! nicely put together

  41. Day seven:::love the look, the colors remind me of those sophisticated vintage looks..really nice.



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