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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Past the expiration

Christmas may have been over a month ago, but today I bought an ornament. The Chinese Takeout Box at Urban Outfitters is such cute ornament who's $14 price tag turned me off. So once again I played the waiting game with UO and watched as the price dropped and the stock dwindled.

At $2.99 I was finally ready to buy, but then I saw the $6 shipping. Maybe I'm weird, but I wont pay more on shipping than on the actual item! So after spending way too long searching UO's sale pages I finally found a cute jewel buckle belt for $7, marked down from $20. I added it to my cart, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an out of stock note by my ornament!

Frustrated, I resigned - no Takeout Ornament this year.

Then today, while bored at work (shh!) I went to Urban Outfitters and looked at my cart - the ornament was back!

And while on the subject of adorable ornaments, I'd like to share my little Leica - my favorite ornament ever. You can even see through the view finder!

little leica 1

little leica 2

little leica 3


  1. i won't buy anything that has shipping prices more than the item either! Drives me crazy!! I think everything should have free shipping.

  2. That is the most fabulous ornament. So cute!

  3. I love ornaments beyond a tree. Especially ones like these could be use to decorate a gift, a room and much more!

  4. I wanted that takeout ornament too, along with the cupcake, donut, and so many others. Maybe I should take a peek at their site now. Thanks for the tip.

  5. that leica ornament is the cutest i've ever seen!

  6. Lovely pictures. They are adorable. And yes, I would also not pay more shipping than the actual prize... :)

  7. Aw, that Leica ornament is incredible! I love the take-out box, too. :)

  8. that little camera ornament is adorable, i love it so much! :) and i never want to pay for shipping if it's more than my actual purchase either. it just doesn't seem worth it!

  9. I love Christmas ornaments more than I can probably explain to you. And I'm always picking them up in January on sale! The take-out box is too cute!

  10. check out the giveaway in my blog


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