How to Fly with a Huge Straw Hat

I mentioned last week that I packed for my ten day California trip in just a carry on bag. I also felt compelled to bring this huge straw hat. Not a small, sensible, packable straw hat, but this oversized, natural straw, easily crushed and ruined hat.

Thankfully, in the world of travel, at hat does not count towards your luggage. I will admit I had a small fear that at some point a flight attendant might insist I needed to fit the hat under my seat (it did not) or stow it in an overhead bin (which I would not have wanted to do for fear of it getting crushed). It was my finding that a very large hat is completely fine to sit on your lap, or be draped over your feet, even during take offs and landings.

Often when I see bloggers posting travel photos with items like very large hats, or bamboo ark bags, I wonder how they managed with them. The answer is, "Not very easily!" Now that I've flown with my bamboo bag (I put it inside my trusty beach bag and so very carefully tucked it under the seat) and this hat, I have to wonder if it's worth it. I only managed to wear the hat twice during my trip. I had intended it for the beach, but it was so windy I spent half the time fighting to keep it on my head and the other half with it stowed in my beach bag. This is the only set of outfit photos it's in. For all the hassle of bringing it, it was in no way a practical choice. Next time I'll concede to flying with a smaller hat.

 blue and white joie tunic dress, lack of color straw hat, straw tote-6.jpg blue and white joie tunic dress, lack of color straw hat, straw tote-13.jpg blue and white joie tunic dress, lack of color straw hat, straw tote-15.jpg blue and white joie tunic dress, lack of color straw hat, straw tote-8.jpg blue and white joie tunic dress, lack of color straw hat, straw tote-7.jpg blue and white joie tunic dress, lack of color straw hat, straw tote-4.jpg blue and white joie tunic dress, lack of color straw hat, straw tote-9.jpg blue and white joie tunic dress, lack of color straw hat, straw tote-11.jpg
The Rundown
Blue and White Tunic Dress "Evadne" Joie via ThredUP
Sandals "Glorious" Franco Sarto via DSW similar
Tote Bag Lucky Brand similar
Palma Wide Fedora Lack of Color
 Circle Earrings c/o AUrate New York
Coin Pendant Necklace Julie Vos
Chevron Ring Etsy via Silver Canyon Jewelry


  1. Such a cute look!! And even though you only have one set of photos with it, it was worth it to take it with you on at least one trip, haha. Now you dpn't have to do it again ;)

  2. This hat is absolutely fantastic and so as the whole outfit. The dress looks darling, makes me feel summer on my cheeks.

  3. I've always thought about that too. I kinda wondered if they just bought a hat where they went and then left it there. I have a packable hat but it's not as big and cute!!!

  4. But the hat is so cute, how could you resist?!
    The whole outfit is lovely. The dress is a summer dream.

  5. I often have that issue with hats. I rarely wear ones with brims because it's windy here so often they are impractical. But I love the way they look! That one is so cute on you!

  6. It looks beautiful, I really like the dress you are wearing too. Makes such a nice summer outfit :) Shame it was such a hassle to travel with! I'm not a hat person so I've never tried travelling with them!

    Hope that you are having a good start to your week so far :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Bringing the ark bag to traveling is a hassle! I only bring it when I check in a bag (I still have its original box). Hats too a tricky and so glad it is not part of your personal item. Even though the size is not ideal for traveling I really like the size. It's actually what you need to block out the sun and it is so cute too!

  8. It's a very cute hat so I totally get the impulse to bring it, even if it made travel a bit complex and only ended up being worn twice.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  9. Once, I think it was in 2015, I travelled with a similarly large hat. It was a beautiful grey wool felt and I adored it, but travelling with it was next to impossible - I had to wear it the entire time. To make matters worse, it didn't fit my head very well. Frustrated and jetlagged on the way home, I put it down on the seat next to me at Heathrow and walked away, forgetting it all together. Someone got a beautiful hat that day - I never saw it again. Since, I've only travelled with hats I can put in my luggage. Not because taking biggers ones can't be done, but because I now know that for me, it isn't worth it. Although the photos often say otherwise, and these ones definitely do.

  10. This is very helpful, as I am trying to figure out how to pack my floppy hats for my trip to Nashville this week. This is such a great hat, and I love your dress!

    xx, Elise

  11. I understand why you brought it because a straw hats are a symbol of beach vacations! lol Your hat looks wonderful on you and I love your dress!

  12. So worth the trouble for the cute pics, love this hat on you!
    New England Romance

  13. You never would have known unless you tried though :) For the record, this is a great outfit and the hat is the perfect topper. It does give it such a fun "vacation" feel!

  14. Hahaha I never thought about having to travel with a big straw hat, I would imagine that it is challenging. I had my hands full flying back from Paris with a security alert and the random checking of all the passengers bags, no announcements and the the airline recalling all their planes bc there was a problem with the MB engines. Ugh.

    You look great! The hat and dress look perfect together.

    Allie of

  15. Love this look dear, that hat is so pretty!!!

  16. That hat is really cute. I can see why you would want to take it. I am traveling and have a hat I want to bring but I do not want to crush it and I don't know if it's worth it considering I'll probably only wear it once or twice.

  17. The hat looks so adorable with that dress. Such a cute look on you dear.

    Jessica |

  18. Gorgeous ! well worth the hassle of taking it along.
    I've taken my hats along, usually rolled them in my bag and prayed they arrived ok.

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