October Closet Additions

I open my closet each day, see it stuffed to the brim with clothes, and feel despondent. I know it's not about the clothes, it's about me, but for some reason, they have always been a reflection. I try to get rid of things, pieces I know aren't serving me, and yet I get stuck. I buy things and then never wear them, yet scroll through my instagram feed and immediately purchase a bodysuit I see another blogger wearing. Next I see posts featuring a camel sweater dress, a plaid blazer, a floral dress; and click 'add to cart' without hesitation.

This month I was supposed to not be shopping. Clearly I get an F. I probably get a C- for at least trying to follow the one in - one out rule.

One item not in this post is the plaid blazer. If you happened to see my story on Instagram yesterday than you know I have two plaid blazers and can't decide which to keep. I thought it would be an easy choice since one is half the price of the other, but then the votes overwhelmingly were in favor of the more expensive H&M blazer rather than the $25 Target blazer. They are both similar in pattern, both lined, both in a boyfriend cut. Care to weigh in?

Banana Republic Sweater Dress, $47
Joie "Pattyn" Tweed Moto Jacket, $14 thrifted
Zara Bodysuit, $20
Gorjana Newport Hoop Earrings, $16 via Poshmark
Target Sandals, $20
J.Crew X Abigail Borg shirtdress, $90
Banana Republic Turtleneck Sweater $23
Black Rene Rofe Bodysuit, $10 via Boscov's
Lush Olive Ruffle Cami, $16 via ThredUP


  1. I am loving that tweed jacket as I have a similar piece! :) For the blazers, I think you should wear the one that makes you happiest - regardless of price! :)

    This month was a big spending month for me - easiest the most I've spent in a month this year. There were just so many sales so I get why you bought more than you expected this month! I definitely could have bought less, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself! :)

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I absolutely think you get points for trying. I say that, of course, because my month has looks relatively similar. After being incredibly well-behaved, shopping-wise, in Europe, mainly because I was too busy enjoying myself to buy anything, I have essentially given myself a free pass to buy anything that catches my eye this month. To make matters worse, there is a postal strike on in Canada, so a lot of my online orders are sitting in limbo, which gives me the illusion I haven't bought anything much and can still keeping shopping. The struggle is both real and neverending. But as long as you respect the one in, one out rule, which I can at least say I have done this month - it's slightly better.

  3. You totally get points for trying! I swear that every time I say NOPE NOT SHOPPING THIS MONTH means I spend 2x a much!!

    The Adored Life

    1. That’s what happened to me this month! I was way worse than usual. I will try again next month.

  4. Weighting in on the blazer matter, I like the H&M one - the waist tie just adds a certain something that makes it special in my mind.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. I've still yet to do a no spend month, so at least you get kudos for thinking about it...LOL!
    As for that thrifted jacket...I'd have bought it too---it's so fabulous!
    I weighed in on the H&M jacket----I thought the tie just gave it the pizzazz that it needed....but it seems silly to pay an extra $25 for a belt maybe??

  6. Great additions! Loving the sweater dress but sad it has wool in it. I can’t wear it without breaking out.

    Regarding the blazer, the H&M one looks like a better fit. Where the Targer blazer buttons, it looks a bit loose.

  7. I love those pieces! Those earrings are very pretty!

    Mira Audrey’s

  8. I like the Target blazer better. Maybe the people who like it aren't seeing it. I only look at your blog, so I didn't know about it until you put that in here. Don't know if I helped or not!

  9. You got the dress! Such a great choice! I wear it all the time!

    District of Chic

  10. You definitely get points for trying! I really like the wrap style of the H&M blazer! I'm loving the print of your shirt dress!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  11. You've been bad. Santa will not be stopping by your house.

  12. I waiver between choices when one is more expensive than the other. I try to choose the the more classic, quality one that I will get more use of because the last thing I want to do is get something based on lower cost only to not have it fit exactly what I want and inspire me to purchase something else! Good luck with your blazer decision! I think the H&M one is more flattering, but could you change that by adding a complimentary sash to the Target one?

  13. These are lovely additions to a fall closet :)


  14. On the plus side, you got mostly basics! Plus that J.Crew dress is gorgeous! I have wanted it too but am resisting