Seasons Change

I know so many people relish the fall season. I never quite get it, I'm too fixated on the thought that the leaves are dying, the days are getting shorter, and my bare shoulder days are numbered. The seasons always change though. We cycle through, and I should spend more time appreciating what I have than worrying about what I'm losing, and not wishing all the months away just to get to spring again.

 Cream Scalloped Cami, Brown Suede Culottes, Springbok Clutch-17.jpg Cream Scalloped Cami, Brown Suede Culottes, Springbok Clutch-11.jpg Cream Scalloped Cami, Brown Suede Culottes, Springbok Clutch-3.jpg Cream Scalloped Cami, Brown Suede Culottes, Springbok Clutch-10.jpg Cream Scalloped Cami, Brown Suede Culottes, Springbok Clutch-15.jpg Cream Scalloped Cami, Brown Suede Culottes, Springbok Clutch-8.jpg Cream Scalloped Cami, Brown Suede Culottes, Springbok Clutch-4.jpg
The Rundown
Scalloped Cami J.Crew Factory
Suede Culottes Old Navy similar
Nude Pumps "Natalie" Naturalizer
Springbok Clutch Oliveve c/o Shopbop similar
Tear Earrings Etsy custom design via Bonanza Studio
Evil Eye Necklace c/o Belcho
 Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Sunglasses "Emma" Ray-Ban

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  1. Sometimes I like to make the most of the last few days before the weather adjusts to the season, but I find in autumn I'm always wishing for cooler weather to hurry up and arrive so I can layer, haha! :) It's good you got to bare arms and legs again before the cold sets in!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful week so far :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. This all neutral look is lovely! I personally am one of those fall lovers so I am looking forward to crisp weather and layers, BUT I do love this scalloped tank and if I had it I would probably be wanting to wear it longer, too!

  3. You look fabulous, love these pants and how cute is that bag.


  4. Hehe yea, I always look on the bright side of Fall...pretty leaves, the smells and the fact that Christmas is on the way!

  5. I totally get ya though. The summer months are just too short! Not sure what the weather is like for you, but we are fluctuating between summer and fall temperatures. So I can't complain. This outfit - I LOVE! the scalloped cami and the wide legs pants is so chic!

  6. I love how opposed you and I are on how amazing fall, and even winter, is. I seriously couldn't be happier with the change in seasons - and I love this rich neutral color palette in your outfit (not to mention that awesome purse).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  7. I think it's a fine line. I like to enjoy the warm weather because it is much preferable to the cold, but I do like the beautiful changing of seasons in fall with all the colors. This outfit is gorgeous on you! That clutch is seriously amazing!

  8. It's so good to enjoy what we have.
    And that purse you have Lydia is super fabulous!!! Maybe I should make that out of the sleeves I took off my mom's fur coat!!

  9. Most years, I can appreciaet fall to a degree. I am never happy to have to resume wearing close-toed shoes, but I can manage because fallen leaves are pretty, pumpkins as decorations are adorable and chai lattes are delicious. But this year we leapfrogged over all the things I love about fall and straight into winter. I went from flipflops and tanks to boots and a coat from one day to the next. We just had our second snowfall and although it's not sticking around, this year, I am so over this season :(

  10. Oh man- I'm totally with you; as pretty as fall can be, I seriously get SO sad because I know it'll be over so quickly and everything will be dead and gross and COLD.

    Lighter note- LOVE these pants on you!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. Ooh what a fun way to do neutrals! I love the mix of the suede pants with the silky cami. Summer isn't my favorite (although I do love the long days!) so I tend to look forward to fall. However, what I hate about it is that winter is right around the corner and THAT I'm not a fan of.

  12. What a fun hand bag!

  13. I love the scallop edges on that top! Oh that purse reminds me of a favorite rug growing up! It pairs perfectly with those fun culottes!

  14. Absolutely love this color scheme, the culottes, the scallop hem and the clutch - JUST FAB-

  15. Babe, that top is sooo chic and sexy on you. Really flattering style, love it!

    Jessica |

  16. I like your dress very much, it looks wondeerful :)

    Best regards from the hotels dolomites

  17. I am dying to add a scalloped camisole to my closet and I happen to think it goes perfect with those culottes as tan/camel with ivory/cream are a great pair for any season really. Speaking of seasons, I am not one to rush seasons either. I love Fall but then again I love every season for their own reason.

    Make sure you stop by Thursdays and join my Style Linkup "Thursday Moda". I love your blog+style. Thank you. Ada. =)