September Closet Additions

I made some poor choices this month. What stands out the most is the anchor wrap bracelet. It was a Poshmark purchase and I foolishly didn't think it was possible for the size to be anything other than what I'd consider 'normal bracelet size'. Alas, it's huge, but not so much that I could just loop it around an extra time and go on with my life. I went to a local bead shop to see if they could help me resize it but they didn't have large enough end caps. So naturally I went on Etsy and bought some. However now both the bracelet and the end caps are just sitting there, as I'm afraid of messing it up. Do I move forward in trying to resize it, or just cut my losses and try to resell it?

I mentioned that I treated myself to a new handbag this month, the Danse Lente Mini Johnny bag. Paypal money tends to burn a hole in my pocket, and while I know I justified it in my mind since it was money that I'd earned through the blog and through eBay, in my heart I know that money should have gone into my bank account to cover all my other impulsive purchases for the month.

Last October was a no shop month for me - it wasn't that I'd planned it, it just happened. However this year I'm feeling that it needs to be the same. Time for that budget reset I've been talking about, and clearly needing.

Loft Scattered Dot Dress, $35
Loft Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings, $15
Danse Lente Mini Johnny Bag, $300 via eBay
Joie Assoulin White Lace Dress, $50 via Poshmark
Gap Weekend Tee, $6
Gap White Satin Trousers, $12
KJP Anchor Bracelet, $24 via Poshmark
Gerard Darel Leopard Skirt, $38 via ThredUP (sign up and get $10 towards your first purchase!)
J.Crew Factory Top, $18
Gap Denim Shorts, $31
Gap Wide Leg Black Pants, $22
Gap Plaid Ankle Pants, $17
Target Wrap Knot Front Blouse, $15

Still up for debate:
Gap Pull On Trouser in Vamp Red
Gap High Rise Wide Leg Pant in Black
Joie Woven Sandals via ThredUP 


  1. Aw, what a bummer that your bracelet didn't work out! I hear you on justifying purchases. I'm just finishing up No Shop September and it has been a great experience for me. I probably need to do this twice a year to keep my habits in check. Also, I love those tortoise earrings! I have been eyeing them for awhile - are they heavy?
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  2. Whoa yea you shopped a lot! But I love it all! That printed dress is so great for Fall! I'm getting tired of my no clothes shopping and I have money in PayPal but I'm trying so hard to save it to use at Disney... *sigh*

  3. Love doing no spend months/budget resets. Sometimes, it's exactly what I need to jumpstart my savings and get on a new budget. And... I must say, I LOVE everything you bought. As for the bracelet?! I wonder if they'd fix it for you now that you have the right hooks - could be worth a shot! Have the best day!! xo

  4. That's a bummer about the bracelet - I'd probably just cut my losses and try to resell it, but I'm also a very lazy person when it comes to a lot of things (seriously ... it's a problem). It's a shame though because it is a really cute piece.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. What a bummer about the bracelet! I love what you bought though. That bag is amazing!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. That bracelet is cute, so frustrating it didn't work out for you! Hope that you can get it resized! I have that issue often as my wrists are so tiny!

    You did get some really nice things this month :) Good luck with your no shop october though! I managed to achieve no spender september this month which I'm really happy with! I wasn't really trying, just wasn't tempted by the sales!

    Hope that you are having a nice start to your weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. How frustrating about that bracelet! It looks really cute, too. I hope you can make it work for your wrist. I love the bag you got too.

  8. I'd probably give it a go with the are creative and talented at those type of things!!
    As for a no shopping month...I need one of those. I'm not sure it will happen, but I should at least try!

  9. I really like this selections
    Happy weekend
    New post

  10. So many cute items! That white dress really caught my eye! I also love the leopard skirt. I'd love to try some leopard clothing items and not just accessories.


  11. Absolutely loveee the white maxi!! Feel like I need to get it haha

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  12. I'd probably cut my losses and try to resell the bracelet, unless you have a friend who feels more confident resizing it for you?

    I don't think you should feel guilty about spending blog money on the bag. Yeah, we could all stand to be more responsible with our extra income, but that bag is stunning. It's such a classic piece that you'll be able to wear it throughout the rest of the year -- and for many more years to come. It's not like you spent the money on a trendy piece.

  13. Lovely picks! My fave would be that laced dress, so feminine and chic!

    Jessica |

  14. The bracelet really is super cool! But tbh if you let it sit for another month, you're probably not going to do it for a lonnnngg time so it may be best to just sell it then.
    Our blog money is for buying fun stuff and contributing to the blog. Fashion is part of your blog so it's perfectly cool to spend your blog money on fashion related items!

  15. Sometimes bad purchases happen. It's always hard to tell when buying things online. I love that you recognize when to reset your budget. I've always been so mindful on spending and it is refreshing to hear others that are too!

  16. I feel the same way about PayPal money - however, I justify it because my bank doesn't allow me to extract it for tax purposes, so there is nothing to do but spend it. The Danse Lente bag was a beautiful addition to your wardrobe, and is one I admit I've been eyeing myself... I am expecting some PayPal money from a collaboration and I might just take the plunge now that I've seen how beautiful it is on you. Good luck with no shopping this month!

  17. Oh what a bummer about the bracelet! You should try to fix it though--I mean, it's not doing any good just sitting there, right? I love that leopard skirt you found too. Good luck with No Shop October!

  18. Thanks to your post, I bought two pairs of the Gap satin trousers: claret (the most beautiful lipstick pink) and white. Those are some of my favorite purchases in a long time! Thank you for elevating my wardrobe and challenging me to try new things!

  19. I lost track of September purchases, the post is in my draft box ...
    Then I already bought stuff in October. I feel so very overwhelmed.
    I say sell the anchor bracelet. Or give it away. Maybe it's someone's birthday ?