Nothing is ever as perfect as you imagine

Having done a collaboration with Shopbop, I very patiently held on to the gift card money I was compensated with until a sale arrived. When it did the other week, I was ready to pile up my cart with all the items I'd been hearting. The Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB, the Clare V. leopard clutch, a black foldover clutch by Oliveve, and after a quick pass through the sale section, I added a unique pair of Elizabeth Cole earrings.

The Mini MAB, a bag I've been in love with for the better part of two years turned out to be just too small for my liking, and the black clutch was fine, but that's all - the zipper didn't pull very smoothly, the leather wasn't that supple - I expect more for $135.

The earrings are gorgeous, but when I put them on almost immediately my ears started to ache. The description states 24k gold plating, however that did not extend to the posts. I emailed the company to inquire as to what they are, and received the response of surgical steel. The retail price for these costume jewelry earrings is $182. For that, they couldn't opt for a sterling post, or at least plate it?

Still, I was reluctant to return them so I ventured to the local jewelers to find out if the posts could be replaced. Much like dry cleaners and tailors, the jeweler didn't want to commit to an exact price for the job, or even give me much assurance it could be done, but I decided to just go for it anyway. It ended up costing $30 for sterling posts, so while I'm beyond annoyed with Elizabeth Cole for selling surgical steel for $182, I love the earrings and now I can wear them.

At least one item I ordered is perfect, the Clare V. clutch is ridiculously soft and beautiful, and I can see why it's a blogger favorite.

striped tee, black leather jacket, leopard clutch-2.jpgstriped tee, black leather jacket, leopard clutch-7.jpgstriped tee, black leather jacket, leopard clutch-5.jpgstriped tee, black leather jacket, leopard clutch.jpgstriped tee, black leather jacket, leopard clutch-6.jpgstriped tee, black leather jacket, leopard clutch-3.jpgstriped tee, black leather jacket, leopard clutch-4.jpgstriped tee, black leather jacket, leopard clutch-1.jpgstriped tee, black leather jacket, leopard clutch-8.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Shirt LL.Bean thrifted
Black Pants Gap similar
Black Leather Moto Jacket Express similar
Black Loafer Pumps Ferragamo via Roundabout similar
Leopard Clutch Clare V. c/o Shopbop
Loyce Earrings Elizabeth Cole c/o Shopbop
Vista Cuff Gorjana via Rocksbox
Spike Bracelet "Baby B" c/o Marrin Costello
Stacked Rings Gorjana via TJMaxx similar
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx


  1. OMG that jacket lady...I'm dying! Simply gorgeous!

  2. Doesn't that just kill you how that works??? I have a pair of shoes that were $250 and they are the cheapest, illest made shoes I have ever seen!

    The Adored Life

  3. Yikes it sounds like a lot of misses! I do love the earrings but dang $182. I must say I am loving your arm party, super cute look.

  4. I had no idea that a jeweler could do that! I struggle with earrings sometimes also and for that much $$ I totally agree that they should have been plated. I'm glad you like your Clare V. It is the best bag and the perfect accessory for any outfit, especially this one!

    Nicole to the Nines

  5. Wow. Too often I see that expensive does not mean quality, which really sucks.
    At least you got one "hit" and I really love those earrings, they were worth the 30 bucks and the hassle.

  6. Those earrings are so much fun! I'm glad you were able to get the posts changed!
    And that bag = perfection! Glad you finally got it

  7. Seriously so trendy!

    Xo Lauren

  8. That clutch looks stunning and I love the earrings - glad you managed to get the posts changed. Happy Monday, darling.

  9. What a bummer, especially when those items aren't cheap! I'm glad the clutch was a winner though--I've heard great things about Clare V bags!

  10. Looks like you did good at the sale! And lucky girl that you got to use a gift card too. Shopbop has some of the best pieces out there, in my opinion :)


  11. Congrats on an amazing haul! That's awful your ears were sensitive to surgical steel...they definitely should've gone with sterling for that price; glad you were able to get that fixed!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  12. You look pretty!
    Nice sunshades

  13. I absolutely love your blog! I've gotten such inspiration for your page!


  14. Those are gorgeous earrings and I'm glad you got them fixed - I'd be irritated as well....

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  15. I love your look, really trendy.
    See you soon

  16. Such a cute look! I love your stripes mixed with leopard print! Very chic!

    Kasi |

  17. Wow---that's persistence in my book! I mean, I love the earrings too, but I'd probably be more apt to return them! jodie

  18. That's frustrating. Glad you were at least able to get new posts, but still... However, the leopard clutch is fabulous!

  19. I'm getting that clutch next, sorry you had so much troubles. Love this look.


  20. There is such an overwhelming seletion of shops out there yet when it comes down to it they are all the same. I see the exact same skirt at three different online stores and the difference in pricing is HUGE.

  21. love this!!! great stripes/leopard combo!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  22. What a bummer about the earrings! I think I probably would've returned them since I would be way too lazy to go and get a new post. Love your new clutch.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  23. Oh, the perils of online shopping. This is why I've learned to steer clear of Shopbop - nothing that looks great on the site ever seems to quite live up to my expectations. I'm never sure if it's just the high price point or that they photograph things so well, but either way, your disappointment with your order is all too familiar to me. Those earrings are lovely, and the fact that you can now actually wear them is even better (but surgical steel? Seriously?) And if only one thing from the order could truly be called a successful purchase, I'm glad it was this clutch, because it is just so you.

  24. I'd be annoyed about the earrings too...and that clutch really is the best!

  25. That is what frustrates me about designer jewelry. You are paying the price so it should be quality, but in the end, it isn't. The earrings look lovely though so I am glad they worked out. The clutch was certainly a great buy even if the other items weren't!