In 1999 I was in 8th grade. Middle school was the worst, people who I thought were my friends turned out not to be, and in regards to fashion, the only way to get respect from my peers was to have the name "Abercrombie & Fitch" emblematized across my chest.

In total I think I owned five pieces from the store; it wasn't long before I realized Abercrombie was not the store for me, and the tiered skirts with lace and ribbon belts at Windsor started calling my name. I went through my teens with a new, and still completely regrettable sense of fashion, and as it evolved I never once imagined that it would again include Abercrombie & Fitch.

When I was at the Trumbull mall last month I breezed by the storefront as I have done many times before, yet this time something caught my eye. A sweater with a nordic snowflake print. I didn't buy it right then or even try it on, but later I found myself perusing their website and with the holiday sales going on I ended up putting both the snowflake sweater and this grey turtleneck in my cart.

Sometimes we can even surprise ourselves.

grey sweater, black denim, red peacoat, fedora.jpggrey sweater, black denim, red peacoat, fedora-2.jpggrey sweater, black denim, red peacoat, fedora-5.jpggrey sweater, black denim, red peacoat, fedora-6.jpggrey sweater, black denim, red peacoat, fedora-3.jpggrey sweater, black denim, red peacoat, fedora-4.jpggrey sweater, black denim, red peacoat, fedora-1.jpg
The Rundown
Grey Sweater Abercrombie & Fitch
Black Jeans Old Navy
Red Peacoat Nine West similar
Black Toe Cap Flats Easy Spirit
Bag Linea Pelle "Astor" c/o Serendipity and Grace
Wool Fedora H&M similar
Pearl and Pave Ring Forever 21 similar



  1. Your 1999 sounds painfully familiar because it sounds just like mine. I was also in 8th grade for the better part of that year. We didn't get American Eagle in Winnipeg until two years later, so at that time the most coveted clothes were from Gap, which was well beyond my baby-sitting money budget. So I was stuck wearing the baggy years and oversized t-shirts my parents bought for me - I think all of my clothes were three sizes too big that year, and, sadly, thanks to a dyslexic sales person at a Sears, my shoes were, too! I guess at that point everyone still thought I might grow, which I never did ;) But I digress. It is funny because I thought I would never shop at American Eagle or Abercrombie after so many years of watching people covet it without really understanding what the big deal was. But I've seen some cute pieces in Abercrombie recently and this sweater was definitely among them. Never say never, I suppose ;)

  2. I am glad middle school is in my rear view mirror. I remember A & F being so popular, and my mom hated it. Ha! You found a great sweater for a great look.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. Love that turtleneck!
    And yep, I fell into the Abercrombie and Hollister trap too. Only ever bought things on clearance but I definitely "had to have" some things. Then I decided I didn't like mall stores anymore and went right back to shopping at Marshalls and TJ Maxx ;)

  4. For me it was red Guess jeans in grad 7. You just weren't cool unless you had them. My mom got me green jeans from Sears. At the time it seemed like the most tragic thing that could ever have happened. Until I realized I actually sort of hated the red ones and liked mine because a) they were different and b) green is an awesome colour.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. I remember the Abercrombie faze through my middle school years too; and I too decided it wasn't for me. I just didn't understand why tees with tiny logos on them had to cost so much! Maybe I just wasn't into the brand itself ;D

    Cute look!

    xo, Alice | Miss Inconnue

  6. It's true, we can never completely write-off a store. That sweater you got is so cozy!

  7. I love your look ! Enjoy :)


  8. Ha! I remember when everyone was obsessed with Abercrombie, and I never really had anything from there. Love this sweater, it is so pretty with red!

  9. what a great hat, love this look
    Hope to see you at a Labour of Fashion linkup.

  10. Oh, Abercrombie & Fitch! So much drama. I love the sweater though :)

  11. Oh yes, that was definitely the case for my middle/high school years too--Abercrombie was THE store to shop at. And all the boys I liked wore the Abercrombie cologne... I haven't shopped there since, but that sweater is really cute. Maybe I need to give it another try!

  12. I definitely had the same middle school experience! I love that sweater! I can't believe it's from Abercrombie.


  13. Thank God I had a uniform, but this sweater looks so cozy. Great winter outfit.


  14. I'm a fan of color so I'm loving your coat. Its a nice rich color and fits you so well. Looking cute & chic.

  15. In my days it was Esprit and Benetton - you had to have those brands.
    I absolutely love that grey turtleneck - it seems oversized - which is something I would look for in a turtleneck these days and not what I have in my closet.

  16. Oh you are a baby!! I had already graduated from college and working full time by then. I used to love A&F but somehow it got too loud and the scents too much for me and I stopped shopping there. This is a pretty sweater on you!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!


  17. Okay, I would never have expected that sweater to come from A&F!

    I never wore Abercrombie. I was overweight and didn't fit into the clothes. So, I opted for Hot Topic and PacSun instead. Humongous JNCO jeans and baby doll tees for this girl. Hahaha.

    (Wouldn't it be great to do a throwback link up and style pieces we used to wear? So embarrassing!)