Completely predictable, but none the less a favorite, winter whites are being coveted once again.
If there is one thing I've learned about myself from blogging over the years it's that I hate to be cold, and I hate to fake what I'm wearing for the sake of better photos. This bag was in three of my four outfit posts this week because I've been carrying it. The coat you've seen, but really all zipped up this baby is quite snuggly so I've been reaching for it. Plus I still have half a dozen of my coats at my parents' house because the coat closet in my apartment is hilariously miniature and while Sean's outerwear wardrobe in no way rivals mine, it's not paltry either.

And the shoes. I tried to convince myself it wouldn't be so bad. But this is the last you are going to see of these shoes until spring or temps above 50° because it's not worth the potential frostbite. Maybe I need a new pair of boots to add to my rotation? But should I go for low and casual like nude suede or high and dressy with some crazy fringe?

mint cocoon coat, white sweater, denim, fur bag-5.jpgmint cocoon coat, white sweater, denim, fur bag-4.jpgmint cocoon coat, white sweater, denim, fur bag.jpgmint cocoon coat, white sweater, denim, fur bag-2.jpgmint cocoon coat, white sweater, denim, fur bag-1.jpgmint cocoon coat, white sweater, denim, fur bag-3.jpg
The Rundown
Cream Sweater Ralph Lauren via Coco's similar
Distressed Jeans Old Navy similar
Cocoon Coat Banana Republic similar
Nude Lace-up Flats Gap similar
Fur Ball Bag Vintage via Roundabout similar
Necklace "Greer V" Gorjana
Gold Open Ring c/o Lumo
Sunglasses Vogue via Sunglass Hut

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  1. I love my lace up shoes!! I just wore then with black tights because I refuse to wear only boots this winter---I just need more variety in my footwear! Besides the tights also filled in the holes from the distressed jeans---i'm like you---i hate being cold! jodie

  2. Haha yea, I don't usually have my bags or outerwear in outfit pictures since it's always the same! And you're brave for wearing such thin shoes ;)

  3. I wrote a post that was so similar to this at the start of the year - in winter especially, it's so much easier just to reach for the same favourites that we know work rather than to suffer with being uncomfortable. So I wear my grey coat a lot. C'est la vie. Personally, I'm not tired of seeing you in any of these pieces, and I'm admittedly a little sad that your lace-up flats are going to be put away until spring - but I imagine your feet must be freezing, so I also get it!

  4. In the winter it's really hard for me to feel motivated to dress differently. Everything it feels like adds bulk and then I feel gross and fat!

    The Adored Life

  5. Super cute look, love the coat and the bag is so perfect.

  6. nice seems cozy..i like its color...and your bag is very funny

  7. I'm still managing to wear non-winter shoes...but only when I change into them at work or home, out of doors it's boots all the way and then I pull a switcheroo and ditch my crazy heavy socks when I arrive at my destination. There's snow everywhere here!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  8. I LOVE that coat! It just looks snuggly. That bag is so fun! You look so stylish and put together.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. Yikes, frostbite?!? seriously not worth it - I'm pretty sure that with your ample shoe collection there is something else you can wear that will look as nice... have you counted how many shoes you own ?

  10. I like that you keep it real and showcase things you really did wear. Keep rocking that coat too, I LOVE it. Good luck in your hunt for new boots. I need a pair myself.

  11. Love this coat on you and that handbag is too darn cute. Stay warm. .

  12. Nothing wrong with repeating things over and over, we all do it! :) And with a coat that pretty I can see why! :) I only have a handful of winter coats so they are on high repetition in the few months it's cold enough to wear them, just the way life is :)

    I only have a few pairs of boots too, and those are also worn over and over, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  13. HAhahha, I'll totally admit to taking photos that are slightly too cold (usually I'll just take a jacket off so you can see what's below!) or that I change a bit post-photoshoot. Sometimes you mistake how chilly it is for the sake or fashion, or realize you're not really going anywhere that day. I think we're all guilty.

    I really love that bag though. That fur is gorgeous! And PS) my mom and I totally received our pom pom keychains and are so excited to wear them on our purses. Hahah!

  14. Love the coat! I'm always looking for a colored coat but they never fit right! This coat is perfect on you. Also love the flats.

    Je M'appelle Chanel

  15. The coat is way cute! I adore the color!


  16. I love your coat! It's a piece that is definitely worth repeating!

  17. You have to keep it real! And with a coat as cute as that one, wear it as often as you like!

  18. Completely obsessed with the color of this pretty on you!

  19. Couldn't agree more, I hate being cold! Luckily it hasn't been too harsh of a winter here so far!

    Chow Down USA

  20. I really like that cozy jacket!

    Instagram: @sarafqueiros

  21. I love this pastel coat, so pretty!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  22. Ugh, I hear you about the fake winter blog photos. I admire people in Paris and NY who can actually walk around with their jacket open to show off their outfit, because to me that screams frostbite. Love your fur bag!


  23. Wearing the same coats over and over is why I get so unmotivated with blog posts in the winter. I don't want to wear the same thing and I certainly don't want to go outside and be cold! ;-)

    That said, that mint coat probably makes winter dressing more fun. I just love the color on you.

  24. Your cold look comes off smoldering, so keep working it!