Kindness of strangers

It's always in the winter months that my photographers tend to become less willing to help me out and I'm left standing in the cold with the tripod and remote. Unfortunately as I was taking these photos I discovered that the two second timer button on my new remote (I lost my original one a couple months ago) decided to stop working. Someone passing by saw me getting frustrated with the faulty remote and offered to snap a few frames for me.

grey cardigan, leopard blouse, black denim, coach bag.jpggrey cardigan, leopard blouse, black denim, coach bag-5.jpggrey cardigan, leopard blouse, black denim, coach bag-2.jpggrey cardigan, leopard blouse, black denim, coach bag-3.jpggrey cardigan, leopard blouse, black denim, coach bag-4.jpggrey cardigan, leopard blouse, black denim, coach bag-6.jpggrey cardigan, leopard blouse, black denim, coach bag-1.jpg
The Rundown
Leopard Blouse J.Crew thrifted similar
Grey Cardigan Banana Republic
Black Jeans Old Navy
Booties "Calixta" Cole Haan
Willis Bag Vintage Coach
Earrings TJMaxx gift from Meg similar
Necklace Kohl's
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx


  1. awww that is so nice of that stranger and they did such a great job. You look beautiful.


  2. That is very nice indeed! I have had people offer to take photos for me when I am doing it myself but I am always afraid they will take off with my camera and I feel too self-conscious to have someone take my photos. But it looks like they did a great job!

  3. What a shame about the new remote, but how kind that someone actually stopped and took photos for you! I have to admit that I understand why your photographers become less willing in these months, mainly because mine does, too - we try to find sheltered spots out of the wind and rain, or hope for unseasonably warm, sunny days, but some weekends, it just doesn't happen and I have to try to live with that. I'm glad you got to capture this outfit, though, because it gave me some inspiration for rehearing a few pieces in my wardrobe that I've been neglecting!

  4. How nice of them!! If it were me I would have just said 'no thanks' and ran away, haha! :D
    That sweater looks so cozy!

  5. That is so nice of them! They did a great job. It is hard to motivate to take pictures when it is cold. That sweater looks so cozy and I really like your ear jackets!

    Nicole to the Nines

  6. I love how you preserve even when you can't find photographers; taking good pictures of yourself is HARD. Love that someone decided to help you out!! Great outfit, love the open cardigan!

    xo, Alice || a l i c e / T Y P E N U

    xo, Alice || a l i c e / T Y P E N U

  7. That's so nice! I'm usually in a very unpopulated place taking my pictures so as to not be in people's way. I really like that top.

  8. How nice of that passerby! Reading this makes me realize that I need to get a new remote for my camera.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  9. That was nice, and it looks like he did a good job too! I love your leopard blouse, especially with that cozy, warm-looking cardigan. Such a great mix for winter!

  10. Oh wow--- I am just getting used to the idea of someone passing by and staring as I take pics in my little private spot in the parking lot - I don't know how I'd react to a stranger coming up and offering to assist. Well, I might be terrified they're trying to steal my camera!

  11. Kindness from strangers is so heartwarming even when it's just a little thing. The photos turned out so well!

  12. That person was so nice!! I'm loving that cozy sweater!


  13. How nice that someone helped you out! That leopard top is too cute!

  14. That is so nice someone stopped and helped. You look great! Im always so nervous posing in front of strangers but you rocked it.

  15. That is awesome that someone decided to be so sweet and help! I am glad they did, you look great!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  16. Such a nice gesture for someone to make.
    It is harder in colder months. Love your outfit and the pictures turned out fab!

  17. Oh no, shame your remote stopped working! Maybe it was the cold? I know I get so frustrated when my remote doesn't work - always does it when I'm in a hurry, haha! But it's usually as I'm holding it at an odd angle or something. Glad a passer by stopped to help and took some lovely photos for you.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  18. That is so nice of the stranger to help you out! I had a similar situation happen when we went to take our family holiday photos. The remote died and needless to say, we have more outtake photos than good ones. Love your cozy sweater!

    Hope you are having a fab week!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  19. That is so sweet! I'd probably be too shy to actually accept the help, but I'm glad you're more self assured than I am. Your outfit is lovely!