Preppy kind of fall

I decided to participate in some ankle freezing the other day and wore my oft ignored cutout oxfords.

Oxfords are an awkward shoe. I love the idea of them, I love to look at them off my feet, with their edgy cutouts and studs, they seem like the kind of shoe that just wants to have a good time. I've pinned tons of inspiration photos of people wearing oxfords with cuffed jeans and they all look cute, yet I don't like how they look on me.

Do you wear oxfords? What do you wear them with?!

kind of preppy fall-5.jpgkind of preppy fall.jpgkind of preppy fall-1.jpgkind of preppy fall-2.jpgkind of preppy fall-3.jpgkind of preppy fall-4.jpgkind of preppy fall-6.jpg
The Rundown
White Button Down Loft similar
Camel Sweater Thrifted similar
Boyfriend Jeans Old Navy similar
Red Pea Coat Nine West via TJMaxx similar
Cutout Oxfords G by Guess similar
Willis Bag Coach Thrifted
Anchor Bracelet Knotical Knovelites
Gold Circle Bracelet St. Thomas c/o TJMaxx similar
Blue Ring c/o TJMaxx similar
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Midi Ring Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses Ray-Ban Meteor c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color Essie All Tied Up


  1. I really like the cut outs on you. On me I look like a homeless hobo so that isn't quite the look I was am going for. Super cute Lydia!

  2. I love the clean classic ease of this outfit, but am wondering if it's not the style of these cutouts, but maybe the dark color? I kind of like to lengthen my short lines with a continuous line of color or at least similar ranges in my shoes. The Teen got a pair of cutout Oxfords for her 17th birthday (from Marshalls) but they are pale green. Have you tried these shoes with darker colors, including black, elsewhere in the outfit? I think brown cutout oxfords would be a great option here, too.

  3. The cut outs are a fun detail to the oxfords! My feet would be freezing though...I can't remember the last time I didn't have socks on!

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  4. Very nice outfit! I am all about the preppy look so I really like this. I have a pair of black oxfords and they remind me the jazz shoes I wore when I was in dance. They look cute sitting in my closet, but when I put them on I feel stupid, ha ha!

  5. i love this classic look on you, and the shoes add a punch of fun!

  6. Nice change Lydia, feminine styles are more you!


  7. Love the oxfords, even though your ankles froze. The look is classic but really hip. I love it!
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  8. Oh i see you also have an oxford situation.
    i like the idea of oxfords and have one burgundy pair that never leaves the closet... mostly because i dont know how to wear them and when i do, i feel they look odd.
    I like yours, i think you wear them well.

  9. Really? I think they are super cute on you! And I like to wear mine with tons of things--skirts, dresses, jeans . . . I love your preppy look with the sweater over the shirt too!

  10. My ankles have been freezing for the past few days, lol! Love this look. Really cute oxfords!


  11. We are all our own worst critics - I think cuffed jeans and oxfords look great on you! But honestly, I kind of feel the same when I do this pairing. I think it's maybe because flats are less flattering on our legs than heels to start with, and then adding cuffed denim makes us look even shorter (which we obviously need no help with.) That's the best theory I've managed to come up with, anyway.

  12. I bought a pair of oxfords in NYC over the summer and I have worn them one time. When I dressed as a man for Halloween. Same problem as you!

  13. Casual yet classic and chic. Love this outfit on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. Your "ankle freezing" reference made me laugh. I would totally be freezing here if I were wearing that! They are predicting snow soon!! I love your anchor bracelet, too! :)

  15. Nice chic and comfortable! Love the red coat :)

  16. I always feel awkward in oxfords too. I like the way you wore them.

  17. I always feel awkward in oxfords too. I like the way you wore them.

  18. Oxfords can definitely be a little tough. Basically I try to be conscious of how I roll my pant cuff that day. It seems like there's a sweet spot where it really complements the shoe. I also love pairing them with dresses or other overly-girly-on-their-own things.

  19. This is such a cute look! I have wanted a pair of oxfords for a while but I haven't found my perfect pair yet.
    Well, that's a lie. I saw them on Madewell's instagram but they werent available yet (or they sold out...) Purple, obviously.

  20. Love your oxfords.
    Love your outfit layering
    I just wish you had a pic with that jacket on top of everything.

  21. Nice outfit, simple for everyday love, that.
    Thanks for your comment.

    Very soon.

  22. Ah man, I know what you mean with loving something and hating how it looks on you! I can't think of an example now but I know that feel, girl. However, I think you're rockin' them and that it's just a mental thing. You look so so cute!

  23. Love this classic look on you, Lydia! And I think the cuffed jeans and oxfords look great together.

  24. You look amazing! Love this preppy look :)

  25. I love Oxfords, I wear them with jeans most of the time. But I have also worn them with shorts!

  26. Love that sweater! I need a camel colored sweater and have been looking for one for a while...

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  27. Love this outfit!
    Dolorès :)

  28. I think your oxfords look great on you! I especially like the trendy cut outs.

  29. I adore your Coach bag! So cute! :) And the red coat looks fab with the whole outfit!