Hello red Willis

I've added another vintage Coach bag to my collection. After seeing Willis in red over the summer, I could not stop thinking about it. So I created an ebay saved search, waited, watched, and finally bid! She became mine for just over $70.

I contemplated calling this post "ode to ebay mobile", as that app has totally changed ebay for me. We had an on again - off again relationship for years, because having to be at my computer for the end of an auction could be problematic.

Enter the iPhone app; no longer does it matter where I am or what I'm doing - I get a push notification 15 minutes before an auction I'm watching is ending, and bidding is super fast and easy. I have no issues with getting in my bid during the final 10 seconds of the auction.

I love getting push notifications for all my saved searches too, even listing items is fast and simple right from the phone. I never visit the ebay website anymore, I love the mobile app so much.

Also new in this post, the perfect plaid shirt from J.Crew factory (40% off) and brown booties to replace the ones I purged. I literally tried on every pair of booties at DSW and bought these, the very first pair I saw when I walked in the door. Figures.

red willis-2.jpgred willis-1.jpgred willis.jpgred willis-7.jpgred willis-3.jpgred willis-4.jpg
The Rundown
Plaid Button Down J.Crew Factory
Red Pencil Skirt Express similar
Fur Vest American Eagle similar
Brown Booties Crown Vintage via DSW
Red Willis Bag Vintage Coach via ebay
Lantern Bracelet Jenny Bird c/o Linger Rose
Pave Link Bracelet c/o LydellNYC
Chain Bracelet, Rhinestone Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Antique Rings The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Sunglasses Ray-Ban Meteor c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color Cover Girl Wine Stain


  1. I love that Coach bag! Can you believe I put 5 Coach bags in a huge plastic bag and sent them to Goodwill back in 2005. I'm kicking myself. Oh well. Love the color of those boots, super cute.

  2. YOu got it !!!! and at a fairly good price.
    I think it's fab.

  3. I literally just put that plaid shirt on my wishlist for Christmas. I love, love, love it! It is comfortable? Sometimes I feel like their button downs fit weirdly.

  4. Your new bag is gorgeous! I get nervous with eBay and items being authentic since there's so many fakes on there.

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Well hello gorgeous! Love the red and plaid :)

  6. Gorgeous bag and I love burgundy!
    Your fur vest is great - lovely casual chic look, Lyddie.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  7. I'm totally in love with your red Coach Willis and your new booties are great too. And now I'm really convinced that I need a plaid shirt in my closet!

  8. You look Great and styling that new Bag. I am not an online shopper and I see how you have such good results, so I will have to try next year. You know your stuff!

  9. That bag is so beautiful and I love your whole outfit. Have a great day, sweetie.

  10. Oh you lucky lady! My dad in law is currently in the States and this time I did not only send him to J.Crew but to Coach as well. The bag I had been eyeing for a while was completely sold out everywhere though :( I tried eBay, but not living in the states makes it hard to get my hands on a Coach bag through there. I absolutely LOVE yours! That color is so beautiful :) xo

  11. that's a good deal for the bag, it works perfectly with your outfit!!

    MI Vivere

  12. What a gorgeous bag! The red shades that Coach comes out with are some of the prettiest ones in the whole handbag industry, I think... there's just something about the depth they have. And I'm absolutely loving it paired with your plaid blouse and fur vest - not a combination I would have come up with, but it works so well that now I want to try it!

  13. liking the new blog look!!! i bought a 2nd hand LV handbag in tokyo...i'm so in love with it, it is perfect. guess its pry not vintage yet...but someday, haha :)

  14. love this plaid and all of the reds
    i have that bag in dark green
    i need to go dig it out of my closet

  15. Love the plaid with the fur! Such a fun fall outfit!

    Life as a Waterleaf

  16. i just researched and its vintage next year! yeah! haha :)

  17. A girl after my own heart! I know that last second ebay bidding feeling too well... I've even gone into the bathroom with my cell when I've been out with friends so I don't get interrupted during the last few seconds lol.

    I like your style, blog and thriftness :).


  18. This. Bag. Seriously. I want one. I never knew the Willis was made in this color.

    Nice new boots! I've been thinking about getting brown boots, but I wear so much black I haven't decided if it would be worth it :P

  19. Your bag is amazing...and I love that vest!

  20. I love your new bag. I have my eye on a couple Coach bags right now. Maybe I will get one for Christmas. I need to download the Ebay app. I've never had much luck with Ebay before.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  21. That bag is perfection. I love the color! Yay for eBay!! :D

  22. oooh yes love this fur and the plaid combo !!!

  23. Lucky girl! Great deal in a great color. I really need to hunt down my mom's old Coach bags!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  24. This vintage Coach bag is just gooooorgeous. I love the oxblood/maroon color!

    Xo, Hannah


  25. Fabulous always, dear Lydia.

  26. a truly perfect holiday look. I'm obsessed. Fabulous post, love. xo


  27. Looove the plaid and fur - so cute! And what a gorgeous bag :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  28. I love the style of the Willis bag so much, I just might have to get it in every color too! It's gorgeous! I also love the plaid with the fur vest!

  29. LOVING this look! I like how you left the plaid untucked and it still looks chic and put together. Great find on that bag, too. Love finding treasures on eBay

    xo, Nina

  30. Such a cute look! I found your blog from Alissa's link-up and I'm such a fan! xx