More good hair days

A couple of weeks ago Misikko contacted me about trying one of their professional flat irons, and as someone who straightens their hair everyday, I was excited to try it out. Misikko ships super fast and the flat iron arrived with a ton of other goodies such as a heat proof mat, hair brush, heat proof pouch, and a small assortment of beauty products.

Hana Elite Review-7.jpg

"The Tool"
The Hana Salon Elite 1" flat iron is the best hair straightener Misikko sells. The solid ceramic iron has curved edges and floating plates to allow for curled styles as well as straight. The plates also have tourmaline, a semi-precious stone which offers better heat distribution and protection from heat damage.

My favorite feature of all is actually the small bevel around all four corners of each plate that prevent hair from getting caught under the plate and snagging. This was my biggest complaint about my previous flat iron. I could not style my hair without several strands getting yanked out of my head. It is smooth styling with the Hana Elite.

The iron has adjustable heat settings up to 450° and the users manual does have recommended heat settings based on your hair type. It heats up very quickly, within about 30 seconds, it is ready to start styling!
Hana Elite Review-8.jpg

"The Before"
My hair is really thick and has a bit of a wave to it. This is how it looks after my attempts to blow dry it straight, which is slightly less unruly than if I let it air dry. Hana Elite Review.jpg

"The Straight Technique"
Most of the time I style my hair straight. It's pretty speedy for someone who doesn't like to spend a ton of time on their hair. I start by sectioning my hair off with a clip or two, then taking a small section at a time, slowly running the iron down the hair. Go slow to get done fast - the idea is to only have to run the straightener down each section once. (Normally I'd be using a brush and not my hand, as the hair does get burning hot, but I couldn't seem to hold the brush and the remote shutter release at the same time with out dropping something.)
Hana Elite Review-1.jpg Hana Elite Review-3.jpg

"The Curl Technique"
I love my hair curled, but it is a little more time consuming, so I don't do it all the time. I love that the Hana Elite allows you to easily curl, no having to buy, or store an extra tool! To curl hair, section off a small piece, put the iron at the top, then with both hands, turn the iron once towards you. Slowly pull the iron down, turning towards you once more as you reach the bottom. Once the iron is out, don't touch the curl until it has cooled. The hair will not be set until it's cool, but once it is I run my fingers through and break up the curl.
Hana Elite Review-4.jpg

"The Good Hair Day"
The bottom line: The Hana Elite made quick work of my thick, unruly hair. It allows for curled styling options and left my hair feeling soft and healthy. For someone heat styling their hair everyday, a quality tool is worth the investment.

 Thanks Misikko, who doesn't love having a good hair day, everyday? Be sure to check out Misikko on Facebook, for styling advice and giveaways!
Hana Elite Review-5.jpg

Misikko provided me with the product for the purpose of this post. My views and opinions are my own.


  1. Pretty! Love it. I wish I had thicker hair. My hair is so thin which is why I decided to cut it short.

  2. Que bonito pelo , yo tengo las mias pero se me da fatal jijij un besazo

  3. Your hair is really lovely :) I'm in the market for a new straightener since mine died on me a couple months ago (while I was in the middle of straightening my hair!).

  4. Your hair looks lovely! Love it when flat irons can be used for both straighten and curling your hair, next time I need a flat iron I'll consider the Miskikko! ps. love your mannequin with your fab statement necklaces, great decor!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  5. gorgeous!! love how it curled your hair, but also leaves it perfectly straight.


  6. the transformation on your other side of hair looks great. Nice! I think I need to try curling mine too. :)

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  7. WOW! I have heard of this brand a lot but never used it!! I love the way you have curled the ends with a straightening iron! I love the size of this - would love to try it soon! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  8. I have this flat iron too and it is the best one I have ever used. The ion plates are great for helping with frizz control. Also the fact you can curl your hair with it too is sweet!

  9. Great Healthy head of Hair. . .every girl wants it and you've got it!

  10. Your hair looks SO pretty! I have the Misikko iron too but I admit I cheat on it with my ghd iron.

    The Tiny Heart

  11. For someone who uses a flat iron daily, you have incredibly healthy hair - lucky you! And also good for you, because you're obviously doing something right! I gave up my flat iron years ago, I found it mostly pulled volume out of my hair and didn't leave it all that much straighter... And these days, well, I just make it up as I go along ;)

  12. I have always been an admirer of your hair and I have to say that I am not sure I like how it looks, specially the ends .. after using this iron.

  13. i love how it curled your hair, flawless!

    Xo, Megan,

  14. Your hair looks super full! I love it.

  15. You have beautiful hair and I love the soft curls as they look so natural.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  16. I love that skinny flat iron
    I reviewed a larger one for them a while back, but this size is awesome for curling your hair

  17. Great look love the waves so pretty!

  18. Yayyy! Both looks are so great! Luckily I don't need a straightener but if I did I would definitely try that out :)

  19. Gorgeous!! Thanks for the review. Do you have any suggestions for one-inch curling wands? I'm currently in the market. :)



  20. I have always been amazed with how you can curl your hair with a straightener. Then again, people with curly hair tend to freak out just using a straightener.

  21. I love your hair!!! I use a flat iron everyday. My hair is super curly.I really love the results you Got!!

  22. Your hair looks great! That must be a really high quality straightener.

  23. Love this hair tutorial! You look lovely.

    Xo, Hannah

  24. Great tips, I love the curly locks! I will be debuting my new hair look very soon too.

  25. Whaaa?! Your hair is naturally gorgeous! Oh, what I would do for a little bit of wave in my stick-straight hair...