The past couple weekends I've been driving up to Boston to visit with friends and family, and when Mi Pac contacted me about reviewing a bag from one of their new lines, it was perfect timing, as I've been in need of a new weekender.

Mi Pac offers several great prints on their canvas and faux suede bags, and I had to choose the leopard (obviously). The bag is a great size for a long weekend, or maybe even a little longer if you aren't packing four pairs of shoes, and it feels pretty durable. Only time will tell if it can handle my obsessive overpacking tendencies, but I'm quite hopeful it's up to the task.

These British designed bags won't break the bank at $50, and you can find them for purchase at ASOS.

Since I'm on the topic of road trips, I though I'd share some advice, now that I'm a 'seasoned' solo traveler:

  • Open you bottle of water before you start driving. I'm too feeble to break the plastic seal with only one hand and holding between my legs proved to be a bad idea.
  • Polarized sunglasses make a huge difference. The glare from the sun reflecting off the road and especially other cars can be rough. I never realized how much easier it is to see with the polarized lenses, so now I keep my pair in the car at all times. 
  • Have a good driving playlist ready to go. Driving through different states means the radio stations are always changing and why deal with commercials and the same ten songs of the moment on a constant loop when you don't have to? You can check out my playlist here!
  • Check the car for spiders and other bugs before you leave. I'm certain there is nothing more distracting than a spider or a cricket crawling across your dash... both of which I have indeed discovered in my car while driving. Not fun.

The Rundown
Chambray Shirt Tommy Hilfiger via TJMaxx similar
Jeans Kohls similar
Sandals Franco Sarto via TJMaxx similar
Leopard Duffle Bag c/o Mi Pac
Knot Necklace Thrifted similar
Alphabet Necklace c/o Gorjana & Griffin
Watch c/o Caravelle by Bulova via Lucky Fabb
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Ring Lucky Brand Gifted
Sunglasses c/o Hobie Harper
Nail Color Essie Go Overboard


  1. Eek, spiders in the car would totally freak me out! That leopard print bag is adorable!

    The Tiny Heart
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  2. What a great look and wonderful leopard print bag.

    xoxo Ra


  3. That looks like a great weekend bag or in my case, a hospital bag! I'll have to check them out!

  4. Super stylish bag! I agree with your tip about checking for bugs. I had a stink bug in my van the other day and about wrecked because I freaked out!

  5. OOH! I love that bag! The print is perfection, obviously.
    And yep, gotta watch out for buggies! Although I wouldn't mind a cute cricket joining me. No spiders or bees though

  6. Great tip about the water bottle! LOL! On our last road trip, we got taco del mar burritos for the road and my husband had to keep peeling the foil off it for me! (I'm always the driver!)

  7. Ooooooooooooh no! I have TOTALLY done the water bottle thing a time or two. And the spider thing would cause me to freak for sure! This bag is really cute and looks like it will be great for light traveling! Hope it stands the test of time for you!

  8. I like the checking the car for bugs idea. I've almost had car accidents a few times trying to kill a bug in the car
    What part of Boston(mass) do you visit. I'm in the South east

  9. That bag definitely makes traveling look chic! I would love to go on a road trip, not that it's possible here in Macao =( Cool tips sweetie!



  10. That's a perfect bag for a weekend. Right size, great, neutral colours and stylish prints!

    Like your last point on the spiders... although I wouldn't be distracted but freak out ;-)

    Annette | Lady of Style

  11. Oooh, that bag is really slick - I love it! And great driving tips. Now that's I'm almost a motorist I'll have to remember those.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  12. Great weekender bag and animal print to boot. I always eat in my car on the road and I take a small towel or washcloth to put in my lap.

  13. This is, without a doubt, the most stylish duffle bag I've ever seen. I love that it comes in leopard - and I'm so glad that's what you chose! If I had anywhere to drive to for a weekend, I'd be insisting that I needed one, too :)

  14. what a cute bag
    love that the bottom is suede and the strap is long enough to cross body the bag if need be

  15. Love the leopard bag! And denim on denim is always my favorite! I definitely agree about opening your water bottle before you start driving! Haha

  16. Great tips! I drive to our fam's vacay home in the mountains solo sometimes and it's rough. Ha! LOVE that bag!

  17. Love this weekend tote. It's such a fun print!

    Xo, Hannah


  18. Oh denim, really so lovely whatever you pair it with. You're looking so crisp here Lyddie! I added you on my gfc list, catch me too on Smize with Style.

  19. What a fun duffle bag! Mine just recently suffered a huge tear, so I'm on the hunt for a new one!

  20. Oh my gosh, you've had spiders and such in your car before you started driving?! That sounds awful. I think the best road trip I know of is don't drink too many liquids or else you'll end up looking for a rest stop when there isn't one in 50 miles. Hahaha. Life.

    That's a really nice bag, though, and I love that you picked leopard--it's so you!

    Man, I've been awful with comments this week. Please excuse me for that. Midterms are upon me...!

  21. Yikes! I would probably freak if I found a cricket in my car.

    This weekender is so fun! More people need to make leopard luggage.

  22. So cheetah, so you!