Dress like a man

Every fall it's the same old story. I wear jeans and heels and no socks and I freeze. I wear a skirt and booties and no socks and I freeze. You know who doesn't freeze all during the fall and winter? Men. They wear socks. They can pick up a pair from Repertoire Fashion and pair them with a pair of Hugo Boss Orange jeans and a pair of trainers. Add a scarf and a really nice blazer and he'd be certain to catch my eye.

Women need to embrace this idea. We deserve to be warm too.

Jacket by Hugo Boss Orange, $290
Graphic Tee by Original Penguin, $36
Jeans by Hugo Boss Orange, $175
Trainers by Original Penguin, $89
Scarf by Ralph Lauren, $55
Socks by Hugo Boss, $14
Socks by Emporio Armani, $34
Socks by Paul Smith, $30

This is a PR collaboration, my views and opinions are my own. 


  1. Haha! I am always freezing so socks and boots for me probably till next April, ha. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. A) why are mens socks so frigging cheap and comfortable? B) I love menswear looks!

  3. Seriously my husband has tons of socks in his drawer compared to me who is always searching to find a pair. I feel like mine get lost in the wash! Great selection of men's pieces.

  4. Ha ha!! Yes, the season of freezing for the sake of fashion is upon us!

  5. Yea, sometimes I wish I could be a man...but then in the Summer I'm glad I'm a girl and can wear dresses, haha :)

  6. There was a time when I couldn't embrace casual and/or comfortable dressing because mens fashions were so sloppy and I hated the idea of looking that way. This was not all that long ago. But menswear has really taken a turn toward the sophisticated recently and it's beginning to slowly wear me down. I find myself wearing a lot more pants this season. It's just so much more fun than freezing!

  7. I always love when guys wear a tee, a blazer and jeans. It's so easy and so stylish.


  8. I agree and I think this look is great for both sexes!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  9. I always turn to boots in the autumn as I hate freezing feet.

  10. Word...Why don't we bundles ourselves up more? Haha!

  11. i love these fun socks! guys have all the luxury. ;)

    cute & little

  12. haha, I always freeze so I might give this a try :)

    Mel's Corner