The tortoise and the leopard

Tortoise has quickly become my most recent obsession. I pined after the J.Crew tortoise flower necklace for quite sometime before deciding to turn to ebay.

After a bad experience buying jewelry from ebay direct from China (it had lead paint) I always set my parameters to search North America only. This necklace was listed as being J.Crew, however when it arrived it was clear to me that it was a knock off. The clasp and J.Crew charm are cheap and wrong. However, I only paid $22 and otherwise it looks quite nice. Plus, the J.Crew necklace was $138, so that wasn't going to happen. After I bought it, I discovered many of the discount online jewelry shops have their own version, like this identical one at Ily Couture for $38.

the tortoise and the leopard.jpgthe tortoise and the leopard-2.jpgthe tortoise and the leopard-5.jpgthe tortoise and the leopard-4.jpgthe tortoise and the leopard-3.jpg
The Rundown
Top J.Crew via Buffalo Exchange similar
Boucle Jacket Kohls similar
Leopard Pencil Skirt Forever 21 similar
Shoes Seychelles similar
Brown Leather Tote Hobo via ebay similar
Tortoise Flower Necklace Ebay similar
Gold Circle Bracelet St. Thomas c/o TJMaxx
Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Crystal Bar Ring Upper Metal Class
Sunglasses Ray-Ban Meteor c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color Butter London Wallis

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  1. As always gorgeous outfit and awesome accessories. Loving your nail polish color too

  2. It is too bad it wasn't J. Crew, but it still looks great!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Two of my favorites - I'm obsessed with tortoise this fall. I just got a leopard pencil skirt too!

  4. You are a vision of sophistication lady! Love how you mixed in so many different textures but kept all in the same color scheme. Your new necklace is so cute, the one from ILY couture is shouting "buy me" at me right now! Buying on Ebay can be tricky but this time you got such a fab deal!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  5. You look beautiful. I love the skirt and your necklace!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. I love this look! Bummer the necklace is a knock off when it said it was authentic, but $22 is definitely fair.

  7. That is so nuts that the other jewelry had lead paint! This necklace is just as gorgeous as the JCrew version and you can't beat the price. PS Come link up this post on my blog today :)

    The Tiny Heart

  8. You look so stylish.... the tortoise like necklace is beautiful. I would not pay the original price either... it's costume jewellery. Not gold- BTW how can you tell if something has lead ¿?

  9. Love this necklace so much... great find, even if it's not really j crew! just bought a tortoise piece recently, too.


  10. Bummer! But it is a really cute necklace for a great price! I love it with the leopard skirt!

  11. Shopping on eBay is so dicey... it always seems like a good idea in theory but I never fail to be disappointed by the piece that actually arrives. The good news is, I know for the fact that I am the only one who is disappointed - no one else notices these little things that aren't quite right. Frankly, I think your necklace is gorgeous - I would never have known it wasn't the real thing. And it looks great with leopard!

  12. I've had a few iffy eBay experiences as I tend it largely avoid it now but one can make some pretty sweet finds there. And this is really cute - if it not genuine J Crew.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  13. This look is so fun! And that stinks that it was fake, I hate when that happens. But it still looks nice :D

  14. Girl you are rocking it today! I love love love this pencil skirt on you. You look ready to tackle an intense day at the office, but in an ultra chic way :-) xo

  15. I love this look, Lyddie! Every single piece, including the necklace looks great. I know, I am an addicted online shopper too and sometimes things don't turn out right but it is too awkward to return stuff to China!! I recently bought two handbags from and I was pleasantly surprised.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  16. Absolutely gorgeous and I just LOVE your shoes :)


  17. Girl Crush!! Love this look so much and your curves look so beautiful (hope that's not!)

  18. I love this outfit! The mix of texture and pattern are so fun. And the pop of color with the shoes is perfect!

    I hopped over for a visit from Mix & Match fashion's link up.


  19. oooh yes lovely necklace you look amazing and the pop of color with the shoes perfection!

  20. I was also hooked on that necklace when I first saw it
    I got one from Groupdealz for 18
    I am super happy with it

  21. Is that a new iPhone case or new iPhone? It's awesome!

  22. i love your skirt its so pretty I also love how you mixed textures you look beautiful,


  23. I absolutely love that necklace, I have seen so many similar ones and want one.

  24. I really like this skirt! Your jacket is gorgeous too! I always forget about shopping at Kohl's.

  25. That's a very pretty mecklace, even though it wasn't what you were expecting! I also love your pencil skirt, very pretty!


  26. So sophisticated! I love the pop of coral in the heels :)

    Veloria in velvet

  27. I'm obsessed with a tortoise & crystal necklace that's out there right now too! Such a fun combo.
    On another note, I bought a necklace (which I wear ALL the time) on ebay from hong kong. The same style was also made by Ily,
    Wondering how you knew yours had lead?? For the price I paid, I wouldn't be surprised if it did now that you mention it and that's awful!! good idea to only shop N America for jewels.


  28. Question - How did you know the jewelry from China had lead paint? Was it disclosed somewhere? I'm curious because I buy jewelry from China on Ebay once in a while and I recently bought earrings - so that would be BAD if they were lead and hanging out in my ears!


  29. I love how classic this outfit is. You look gorgeous as usual!

    Also, I'm curious how you realized your jewelry had lead paint?

  30. Tortoise and Leopard are perfect! Great to see you again!

  31. GORGEOUS necklace! And how did you find out that other necklace had lead paint in it?! I think I only have one j.crew knockoff from china and now I'm curious! haha...
    I love the boucle jacket with the leopard!!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  32. Like others, I'm also curious to know how you discovered the lead paint. When it comes to some of the J.Crew designs, I'm totally a supporter of the knockoffs. I loved this necklace and seriously contemplated the bracelet version.

  33. What an elegant, beautiful ensemble. You look like a million bucks. And I am loving all the neutral colors. =)