What's in my bag

Thanks to a tag from Jessica at Style Obsession, the contents of my purse have been spilled!

What's in my bag

If you click through to the flickr page, I labeled everything with notes

My list of essentials tends to be a bit lengthy, but there are just some things I hate to be without!
1. Green wallet by Fossil, found at TJMaxx for $6.
2. iPhone with my new Liberty of London for Target wallpaper.
3. Canon Elf, since the DSLR isn't going to fit in there.
4. Chocolate covered Altoids. I hate to leave the house without chocolate.
5. Tissues (these are really important to have).
6. Key ring with more 'stuff' than keys; including pig flash light, nail clipper, nail file, library card, and starbucks card.
7. Mini sewing kit
8. Mini tupperware with safety pins, also perfect for storing any accessory that happens to break on you.
9. Measuring tape
10. Blotting papers, for that 3 pm shine.
11. Lip gloss, eyeliner and perfume on my little 'hook-ups', all from Avon.
12. SD Card reader
13. Two pairs of ear buds and a splitter in a pouch.
14. Hair elastics
15. Coupons (I usually have way more, but I went and threw away all the expired ones.

And of course my bag, also from Avon -- it's a new one, but it isn't on their website yet.

Yeah... I keep a ton of stuff in my bag. I also keep a hair pin in my wallet. Having grown up watching MacGuyver I have a secret fantasy that I will one day find myself in a life and death situation that can only be resolved with a hair pin - so I'll be ready.

Anyone else up for sharing the intimate details of their bags?

ps. If you do post your bag you should hop over to Preppy with a Twist and enter to win a new bag!!


  1. hehe i'm so happy to see that i'm not the only one who carries a lot of stuff in my bag! =P

  2. That pig light is soo cute! I have one very similar to it.. does yours snort really loudly when it lights up? :D &&

    I honestly wish I had a bigger bag.. mine's only big enough for my keys, flat clutch/wallet, and (fellow first-gen!) iPhone. I really want me camera to fit in there but he won't!!

  3. Oh man, I have a TON of stuff in my purse. If you want me to, I'd be happy to post it (once I figure out where the heck I put my camera!!)

    PS- love the pig light!

  4. Yay! I love these posts-- I think they tell a lot about a person. I'm kind of impressed you fit all of that stuff in your bag, haha.

    How did you get the Liberty background on your iPhone? I can't figure mine out...

  5. I love these posts and since Jessica tagged me too I'm sharing my contents tomorrow! It's so interesting to see the contents of someone else's bag... I'm quite the opposite as I tend to carry around as little as possible!

  6. This is fun! But mostly because I'm a nosy person.

    My purse is embarassing because it's always full of old reciepts that I don't even need. Gross!

  7. Um, a library book, lots of loose change, random papers from who knows when. At least I stopped with the uncapped pens!

  8. The pig flashlight is the cutest thing I've seen in awhile!

    (And I'll definitely pursue your wardrobe posts for inspiration soon. Yesterday became a little too hectic! Have a great day!)

  9. Your bag has a lot less rubbish in it than mine does! I love your little pig keyring.


  10. Oh I didn't know Avon does bags..? Aren't they a beauty brand? Haha I'm so out of touch.
    Yay for iPhones! I can't walk across the house without mine - yeah, I'm obsessed.
    I don't really have a lot of stuff in my bag except my phone, purse (with my money) and my beauty case.

  11. looks so nice I like your ipod have the same and it's great xoxo fashion geek

  12. ahhh canon camera love! mine is always with me tooo

  13. Haha, I had to laugh out loud because of the hair pin life rescue situation :)
    You carry a lot around with you... but then, who doesn't :)
    I am going to do this tag too, soon

  14. I love seeing what people carry around every day! Thanks for sharing!

  15. i like the lil piggy thing. is it a sharpener?? lol

  16. I love these posts! & chocolate covered altoids? I must try that.


  17. Cute bag! I love your hairpin dream, haha.

  18. Lyddiegal - so happy to see someone with as much or more stuff in their bag than I do! Love how you're uber-prepped for any emergencies!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com