Repeater! Repeater!

There was once a time before I knew of the world of daily fashion blogs and wardrobe_remix when I would take photos of outfits that I really liked so that I would remember them and (gasp) wear them again! Especially if the first time was on a weekend, then I'd wear it again to work, since there isn't much crossover, haha.

But since I started posting daily outfit photos, it suddenly felt wrong to wear the same outfit twice - now everyone would know.

This morning I stared blankly at my closet having had nothing planed; I didn't even spend the ten minutes between hitting the snooze button and actually having to get out of bed considering what I might wear.

So I went for my striped skirt and pondered what top I could pair with it, and couldn't think of anything. Which lead me to the turquoise sweater, an all too familiar pairing:

Some color for a change
January 28th
January 7th

This makes the third time I have worn this outfit. Sure, I changed up the shoes and the necklace, but you can not deny it - I am a repeater.

So I ask, first of all, Do you repeat outfits?
Second, If you did, would you still post the photo, or would you try and hide your indiscretion?
And third, next time I decide to wear the striped skirt, what the hell should I wear on top?

Striped skirt - Gap
Turquoise sweater - Gap
Necklace - avon
Grey Booties - madden girl
Belt - gift from long ago
Grey tights - Simply Vera
Necklace - kohls
Earrings - taken for granite
Bow belt - gap
Eggplant tights - gap
Brown booties - impo
Necklace - aldo
Grey tights - Simply Vera
Black cutout pumps - Kenneth cole reaction


  1. All the time! I don't always photograph them the 2nd time around though, unless something's different enough. (Or unless I forget!)

  2. I do this all the time : ) I have favorites that I wear all the time. I am trying to wear more than just those few things though! I usually don't photograph the same exact outfits, but I will if I change them up a bit different shoes, sweater etc.

    I like the colors in your outfit : )

  3. There is nothing wrong with a little repeat action. Especially when it looks that good on you!

  4. *gasp* You repeater, you! Haha, there is nothing wrong with that.. I do it all the time. Usually I'll wear the same outfit I did a week ago then switch up the dress or tights or something like that. You look cute either way (I've never seen this outfit of you before, if it makes you feel any better ;D!).

  5. I repeat outfits that I love all the time. I think it's unrealistic to expect a new combination everyday! Besides, your outfit is so pretty and so flattering on you - I can't imagine never wearing it again!

  6. This is one of the reasons I'm yet to do outfit posts - I would repeat ALL the time, haha! But seriously sweetie, you needn't worry. You look gorgeous, so why no repeat that as much as possible, right? ;)

  7. yep, absolutely! I don't own enough clothes to never wear an outfit twice

  8. great top, the color is perfect for you! Hope you are having a nice week! Have a great day!

  9. I totally repeat if it is an outfit that I adore - but I used to have the same feelings of repeating... I actually never did it but these days I have to repeat! That outfit is too cute - love that skirt! You can totally pair it with a cute cotton v neck of any color when the weather warms up with cute flats or sandals!

  10. Don't sweat it :) It looks really good all three ways.

    PS you won my giveaway!

  11. I definitely repeat outfits. I don't know if I get exact down to nitty-gritty details like which post earrings I wear, but if I'm running late (or just running out of inspiration) I have no shame in pulling out something that I wore and liked in the past. I don't usually post the outfit again, although I wouldn't be surprised if I did accidentally. Recently I actually did re-post an outfit, but it's a rare thing:

  12. haha, i'm the queen of repeaters. i'm sure you can think of something else to go with the skirt, you're creative enough! My favorite of the three repeat looks is today's one.

  13. hehe, I tend to mix up one to two things to cange up a similar outfit. I am also incapable to repeating outfits, but I am sure my life would be much easier if I did!

  14. It's so cute, it's worth repeating. I have several fall-back combos that I wear to death...:)

  15. I love this outfit on you! That color turquoise is just stunning against your coloring and the silhouette is super flattering!

  16. It you love it well..why not. Its really a pretty sweater. Love your tights too.

  17. oo, i have that skirt in green and navy! i like it here with the aqua sweater a lot, so keep on repeating! i do repeat outfits sometimes, but i push myself not to since i know i can come up with something new. i just don't photograph it if i'm wearing the exact same thing again.

  18. I'm a shameless outfit repeater. I may be a mass consumer but I also like keeping my wardrobe condensed to those pieces I truly truly have the hots for and know will look fabulous on me any day, any season, etc.

    You look immaculate and isn't that the goal in the end anyway even if you do repeat an outfit?

  19. im a total outfit repeater (will not take photos tho), but sometimes one outfit is JUST SO GOOOD!!!

    love your skirt btw

  20. I repeat outfits! If I like something, it's my wardrobe, I'm going to wear it as much as I like!

    I don't photograph nearly every day, though, so no one's watching me ;)

  21. Today I realized a handful of things:

    1. You totally said "this week" in your comment, so I very much did not meet the deadline. Mortified.

    2. I've been neglecting blogland horrendously, as I regularly read yours and saw several posts I didn't recognize.

    3. I am a jerk.

    Here is your outfit, embarassingly late.

    As you said with mine, no idea if it'll look good in real life- here's hoping! I'm going home this weekend and I can pick up that cardigan. I'll try the outfit you planned for me and post pictures soon!


  22. Lovee this! I think it's totally okay to repeat - I do it all the time. Don't tell anyone but I actually wore black leggings and a cardigan to sleep on Monday night.. and wore that same outside all day Tuesday. Muahaha! ;)

  23. Yup, I'm a reapeater. Honestly, I think my closet is too small to never repeat! I get out of it a bit easier, though, since I don't post outfits everyday (and no one that I see on a day-to-day basis would ever question repeating an outfit, hehe).

    This is adorable, and definitely deserving of a repeat. I think that skirt would also be cute with a bright contrasty top - maybe something magenta?

  24. Cute shoes!!

  25. i do all the time. i dont have enought clothes to not wear soethng more than

  26. I love that skirt - I'm bummed I didn't snag it when I had the chance.

  27. I'm a total repeat offender!! Wearing a repeat outfit todau, right down to the shoes; but hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Lol.

    Love your blog.