Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge

Late last night I happened to find my way to the blog The Small Fabric of My Life, and saw that there was a capsule wardrobe contest - starting March first. I of course instantly decided I needed to participate.

The contest rules are simple, choose ten items of clothing and shoes, and five accessories, and use only those pieces to make five days of outfits.

Since I had already unknowingly committed to a dress, cardigan, flats and two pieces of jewelery, I spent the next few hours scrutinizing my closet and trying to pick the rest of my items. It took me until midnight - but I did it!

So for clothing I've got:
1 Dress - TJMaxx
1 Cammi - Gap
2 Skirts, Black Lace and Banded Grey - TJMaxx
3 Cardigans, Floral - Gap, Red - TJMaxx, Grey - Avon
3 Pairs of shoes, Black, Kenneth Cole, Red - Nine West, Yellow - Mia

And accessories:
1 Purse - Jessica Simpson
1 Scarf - Avon
1 Necklace - Gap
1 Bracelet - Aldo
1 Belt - Gap

Monday's Oufit

Tuesday's Outfit
Floral Cardi

My daily outfits will be posted on Flickr, and I'll do a post on Friday to sum them all up!

On an unrelated note, do many of you get 'creepers' hanging around your blogs or Flickr photostreams leaving comments that make you feel uncomfortable? I feel like my Flickr account has been infested by them and, while I delete them, they have been making me really unhappy. Almost to the point where I want to delete the whole account. If anyone wants to talk about this, send me an email.


  1. Uf! I'm sorry to hear about the creepers. :( I guess it's.. flattering? Okay, not really. Is there any way you can report them on Flikr?

    That challenge sounds fun, good luck! You're good at mixing outfits so you'll do awesome, fo sho. :) I love your bright tights and the pink dress!

  2. Glad to see you joining the challenge...can't wait to see what else you come up with!

    And you're not the only one with flickr creepers...Indiana over at Adored Austin even wrote about it --

    (the previous comment was me accidentally signed in to my boyfriend's email. i promise I'M not being a creeper now, haha)

  3. Oh that sounds like fun! I can't wait to see your posts. As for the creeps out there - I block/ delete- it's just sad that you have to deal with that in the first place. : (

  4. Oh! You've inspired me to try this challenge! I'll have to work a bit though since I'm already committed to two outfits. Hmm.

  5. Good morning from UAE... OMIGOSH! I Love your outfits! totally cute! loving the tights!!! so colorful.. Aww, they block flicker here in UAE.. Why? I have nooo idea!!! sucks about the stupid comments. I swear! they have no life. :| makes me angry.

  6. Love the outfits! The skirt is really cute.

  7. i like how your blog focuses not solely on designer clothing per se, but incorporates deals and steals! makes fashion much more accessible :)

  8. A fantastic selection of clothes. I love the pinks/purples and the greys. They suit your colouring.

  9. What a fun challenge! Now I'm wondering what pieces I'd use!

    I love that you used a lot of color in your choices instead of gravitating to grays and blacks because they're easy!

  10. yay - I love seeing what everyone is doing for the challenge and your 2 looks are so cute. those tights! I just started posting on Flickr a little more often ... didn't realize there were people with tights fetish on there ... but now I know!

  11. i love monday's outfit! very cute. the tights are awesome. and i really like your banner. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. Cool! I love this challenge game! Your first outfit is great, it would never cross my mind to clash pink and yellow but it looks lovely on you!

  13. Fabulous outfits! I'm loving your cardigan in Tuesday's look.

    I've never had to deal with any creepers, but I'm sorry that you are. I'm sure it's incredibly uncomfortable. :( Hopefully the comments will stop.

  14. love the second outfit so bad!
    ignore the comments, your far too awesome.

  15. good luck! Ive been planning to do one of these eventually for a Symmetry Challege.

  16. Oh, I really think these are great picks...I want to do this next time...or one of my own! Can't wait to see how you mix it all up.

  17. This challenge is a lot of fun! I love the grey skirt... so pretty!
    I avoid creepers by only allowing friends to see my pictures on flickr... but I guess that kinda defeats the purpose of having an open account for people to view.

  18. I'm participating in the wardrobe challenge, too! I don't actually get a lot of weird commenters, but I get weird emails. And you see, whilst my commenters are universally female, my emails are ALWAYS from men. So make of that what you will....

    Lovely blog, will be back ;)


  19. nice choices!!! I'm in love with a cardi...just started following your blog, can't wait to see the rest of the capsule.

  20. ooh! that's such a great challenge/contest! i must try it one day :)love your yellow tights!

  21. Cool challenge. Nice outfits too! :)

  22. love the outfits you've got so far!

    I used to get a lot of strange people on flickr too, tights fetishists mainly, but after a year of ruthless blocking, and avoiding certain words when tagging the photos, they started to ease off, and i hardly get any now.

  23. Cute!! I love both outfits, and can't wait to see what else you do with the challenge.

    Ugh to creepers on Flickr. I don't get many (probably because there's lots of stuff other than fashion on my photostream), but yeah, I get really uncomfortable when they do show up. I delete their comments and block them.

  24. How fun! I love seeing this challenge on other lbogs. I can't wait to see all your outfits!

  25. Is the pink dress by Max Studio? Cute!

    Ps. I like how you posted about the creepers, haha. They are a problem.

  26. Thank you for commenting. You look great in the bright colors.