New York, New York

For someone who lives in southern Connecticut, I do not take advantage of the Metro-North trains that will get me to and from New York City for under $30 nearly as much as I should.

I went with my close friend and travel buddy, with the intentions of viewing some art at a gallery in Chelsea (Wolfgang Tillmans), doing some shopping (how can I not?) and taking photos.

Saturday was a tremendously beautiful day; for the first time this year it actually felt like spring was on the way. I though I would stay comfortable, so I built an outfit around my Converse sneakers. I also though I would be cool and wear my (somewhat neglected) leather motorcycle jacket. Apparently everyone else though that too - I don't think I've ever seen that many women in black motorcycle jackets!

Definitely click to enlarge - I didn't want to crop out the beautiful arch of the Chelsea YMCA.

Shopping in NYC wasn't too amazing - we didn't exactly find those cool unique stores you can only go to in New York; but rather, found ourselves in H&M (I was still looking for the floral skirt), Forever 21 (I wanted an anchor necklace), and Victoria's Secret (I had a free pantie coupon about to expire).

Plus, everywhere is so crowded; you can't easily maneuver through the racks when there are ten other people trying to get the same top, and lines for dressing rooms are miles long.

At H&M I spotted a top that I really wanted because it reminded me of a top I had liked on a Wardrobe_Remixer and did not end up getting it - I didn't care for how the fabric laid. I did snap a photo of it however, and when I came home I looked at the inspiration photo and realized it was the exact same top!

New York is an amazing place for street photography though, and most of the day was spent just walking the streets and taking in the sites. Some of my favorites:

Police horses crossing an intersection. Seeing one is cool. Seeing 12 is kind of awesome.

Horses in the streets

Elmo. Just standing there, for no apparent (aka, promotional) reason, and little kids being happy.

A long exposure of a man dressed like he came out of the eighties passing by me by chance.

Dogs and Converse sneakers.

Electric lights at night.

NYC is photo city. I need to go back with a tripod ;)


  1. Awesome picures! I like the blurry 80's guy and those square blue lights with text on the ground in the last one.. so awesome! I also like how you mixed flowers with leather, fun contrast!

  2. great pictures! you should def try to make it down to the city more often since you're so close! the H&M blouse is so chic, sorry it didn't work out.

  3. So jealous. I've never been to NYC :(

  4. How exciting!!! I love NYC. There is so much to do and so much to see.

  5. Oh what fun. I miss NYC already. LOVE that bow collar blouse lady!

  6. I felt at home in NYC, I cannot wait to go back!

  7. Sooo jealous, you got to go to my dream destination New York for that price and spend time with Elmo!Looks like you had alot of fun! Thanks for your recent comments over on My Passport to Style. Sharon xx

  8. Oh how I long to live in new york! Hopefully I will get into a good grad school there!
    Anyways, I love the leather moto jacket.

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