Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge - update

With only one day left of the capsule wardrobe challenge, I think I'm doing quite well!

For Tuesday's look, I remixed the grey wrap cardigan, this time tucking it into the waistband of the skirt. Three new items were worn, the black lace skirt, red pumps, and studded belt. I was going to just wear navy tights, but I switched to teal to give my outfit more color, and because I love red and teal/turquoise together so much!

Red and Teal

Today the grey skirt, yellow flats, and studded belt were remixed and the red polka dot cardigan and heart scarf were introduced. I love playing with color and pattern - I didn't want to play this challenge in the safe zone with loads of black.

A few lessons learned this morning:
- Mixing patterns is fine, as long as one is dominant and one is recessive. Trying to wear polka dots, hearts, yellow shoes and burgundy zig-zag fishnets is too much!
- Indecision wastes too much time. I rearranged my scarf about ten times before going out the door. Just commit to something!
- The application of waterproof black eyeliner should not be rushed, or you shall end up with waterproof black smudges all over your eyelids and subsequently, fingers.

Mixing patterns

So, final challenge outfit tomorrow, and I already have it all planned out ;)


  1. I have that exact same skirt.. wait, I think we've talked about this before, tehe. Goodness, your little red shoes are so cute! I agree, teal and red are so pretty, I never knew those two colors worked so well together until now! :)

  2. I'm loving your shoes! You are doing really well!
    My outfit was a bit of a fail yesterday :) Oh well.

    I think the pattern mixing of scarf and cardigan is fantastic!

  3. I need to try mixing prints more. Your combo looks fantastic!

  4. Thanks! I love your tights! Your style is very cute!

  5. i really need to add more color in my own outfits! you're giving me inspiration :)

  6. TOOO CUTE!!!!! love everything about the outfit!!!!

  7. Love the red shoes, they're to die for!
    Congrats on excelling at the challenge! :)

  8. love both of the skirts and your first tights! lovely <3

  9. Perfect Colour combinations as always! I love teal/turquoise myself and I think mixing it with red is just perfect!

    I also like the dummy in the background :)

  10. I'm loving the color of your tights in the first look and the pop of color with the red shoes! :)

  11. I like your choice of colors!
    So vibrant !
    I stayed a little back in this capsule as i honestly did not have much time to plan any of my outfits, it was a day by day thing. But, I think you did a great job.. can't wait to see the final one :)

  12. Great pics. I came to Manhattan in 2002 for the marathon and can't wait to get back.

  13. Both of these looks are fabulous. I love your use of color/texture/print.