In the air

Can you feel it?
It's almost here, growing a tiny bit warmer and brighter each day.

The spring collections may have been on the racks since January, but it wasn't until the first day the temperature crept above 50 degrees that I had any interest. But now that the crocuses are pushing through and it seems the snow may have melted for the last time, I have become fully invested in spring fashion, and floral.

Having not a single floral print skirt to my name, that was at the top of my list. I found this tiny print black, red and lavender cotton skirt at TJMaxx for $13.

Worn with teal cardigan by Free People, black tank by Gap and rosette necklace by Avon; thrifted earrings
Here are my other favorites:

clockwise from left
Kimchi Blue Boxpleat Skirt - Urban Outfitters - $20
Shirred Floral Skirt - Shade $13
Nikkita Floral Skirt - Delia's - $34.50
Urban Renewal High-Waisted Blossom Skirt - Urban Outfitters - $30
Floral Knit Skirt - Forever 21 - $12.90

While in TJ's, I also found this cute turquoise and pink floral peplum dress for $20.

With so many great floral dresses to choose from, here are a few of my favorites:

Kimichi and Blue Printed Sweetheart Dress - Urban Outfitters - $30
Bouquet Ruffle Dress - Forever 21 - $22.90
Kimichi and Blue Sleeveless Floral - Urban Outfitters - $30
My Rosy Romance - Forever 21 - $18.24
Jasmine Floral Knit Dress - Forever 21 - $6 (better snap this one up quick!)
Tonal Floral Reversible Dress - Target - $20
Fab Rose Knit Dress - Forever 21 - $11.50

Finally, I chose this super bright yellow jacket with a ruffled collar. My sister tells me I look like a clown who had 'an incident' with some mustard, but I disagree -- I think I look like a daffodil.
Either way, this so fun and so spring! It is by Vertigo Paris and was $40 at TJ's with an MSRP of $310.

I was having a tough time finding other yellow jackets, but have a look...

Yellow and white striped trench - Target - $40
Lemon pucker rain jacket - Old Navy - $15

My favorite part about the coming season change used to be my least favorite - the clock change. Sure, you lose an hour, but the evenings are brighter. It won't be dark when I get home from work - and maybe I can start taking outfit photos after work!!!

Also something to look forward to, my very first give away will be posted on Friday!


  1. 1. I luuuuuv that jacket the collar does remind me of flower petals. And that dress is so cute! I'm having a tough time finding a floral print dress that isn't done in autumn colors- so thanks for posting some places to check out : )

  2. Oh i love the delias skirt. I feel like a girl can never have enough flouncy skirts. Love the turquoise peplum dress too! did you buy it?! its super flattering on you :)

    Wanderlusting Fool

  3. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog! It's pretty awesome!! I love that skirt by Shade you posted and I was tempted to snag it. But I noticed the xs and s were sold out so that's money I'm keeping in my pocket. Beautiful looks you put together! Do you want to exchange links?

  4. You find such cute cute things at TJ Maxx, I'm so jealous! Thanks for sharing those pretty things with us. <3 <3 I need some pretty colored floral skirts to welcome spring.. <3 you look fabulous in that turquoise flower dress and that yellow jacket it just the most amazing thing ever. :)

    && I could go and exchange the jacket but the mall is so far away and I'm not 100% quite sure how to get there without my mom.. haha.

  5. I love the turqouise - pink floral dress and the yellow coat! You are so brave with colours and patterns! I don't have much flowery clothes, but I am beginning to change my mind:)

  6. So glad you were able to find a pretty yellow jacket! Anna is too funny.

  7. Oh I loooove your outfit. The shape of the cardi and skirt work together so well, as do the colors!

  8. cute pieces, I could live in my floral skirt.

  9. I love floral all year round but Im super excited for spring!

  10. I can't wait to see the floral dress styled up for summer!

  11. I absolutely LOVE florals, good choice! The coat is cute too, especially paired with the tights and boots.

  12. ooh, i love the dress and i love TJ's!

    i found your blog through a comment left on "diamonds and tulle" and i've got to say i love your taste in music.

    "My favorite songs to put me in a better mood:
    If I Ever Feel Better - Phoenix
    I don't feel like dancing - Scissor Sisters
    Rain - Mika
    Better Things - Passion Pit
    Float On - Modest Mouse"

    great choices!

  13. NEED that yellow jacket.

    ps. nice name.

  14. I love the yellow rain coat!! I thrifted a yellow rain coat last year and it's strange.. you'd think they'd be easier to find! Love the ones that you came up with!

  15. i love all ur pieces - that floral dress is especially my favourite. it's beautiful

  16. I like your style:):)
    it's so nice:):)

  17. Hellllo!!!!

    I just found your blog for the first time (obviously) and I have to say, I LOVE IT!
    I just spent a good 30 minutes looking through your posts and admiring and drooling over your clothes!!!

    I love this post, in particular, though!
    I love all the inspiration you gave me- that floral dress you pictured yourself wearing is SOOOOO cute.
    I honestly want to go out and buy it this second.
    And thanks for all the other ideas too :)!

    Really, really helpful :)

    Love always,

  18. Great coat! It has been raining here none stop for 3 days and I am really wishing I had a cute coat like that to wear would make the rain not seem so bad.

    You look so great in that floral dress too!


  19. such great finds! i love the floral skirt and peplum dress!:)