Socks with heels. Socks with boots. Socks over tights. Socks with sandals. Socks with flats.

Do you let your socks play a main roll in your outfit? Would you wear them with your peep-toe pumps? How about bright, printed, and fishnet socks?

With tights, I would answer a resounding 'yes' to everything, but with socks I feel a bit more reserved.

I think I'd like to be a bit more experimental with my socks, and my toes might end up being a little less cold this winter.


  1. love socks n heels.
    socks n heels over tights = big yes too!

  2. Right after reading your comment, I remembered where I had put the skinny red belt I've been missing for about three months.

    I now consider you magic. And you're right- I'm wearing it today at work and it looks great!