Adorable and Affordable Little Black Dress

I make no apologies for my complete girlyness. I love bows. I love frills. I love lace. When I spotted this lacy black dress in the mark book for only $30, I didn't even go through my usual debate*, I just bought it.

It's a nice soft jersey, the waist line is accentuated, the hem falls above my knee (yay, no extra work shortening it!), the lace is super sexy, and it's got a cute key hole on the back.

At the core, it's a pretty simple dress, so I can see pairing it with a cardigan and some heavy tights or boots and wearing it casually as well.

I feel like Avon isn't on many people's radars, but they do have many trendy, affordable offerings. Check out the Ace of Lace Dress.

*My usual debate is quantifying cuteness with dollars, e.g. "Are these shoes really $50 cute, or are they only $30 cute?"


  1. That's hilarious- that's the exact debate I go through. I'm always saying, "I love this $50, but do I love it $170?"

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  3. Oh, and I actually have seen their plus-size line in one store near my home. But only there!

    --Wow, forgot to mention that I meant F21 when I made that comment. Then forgot that Blogger keeps record of deleted comments when I tried to fix it. Ah well. :)

  4. That's a fabulous Little Black Dress!!