Snag Her Style

Waiting for the T

I took this photo nearly two years ago and stumbled upon it while searching my phone for something today.

Almost not surprisingly, I still love this girl's style, the sweater dress, the skinny jeans, the mustard top (and wasn't she so ahead of this mustard trend)!

So I recreated the outfit and decided to give Polyvore a bit more of my attention. (I really prefer doing my photo collages in photoshop, but linkability of Polyvore has it's advantages)

Sadly this isn't one of my 'under $100' outfits, the darn sweater dress is $85 at ModCloth, and after that I decided it wouldn't even be worth trying - but no individual pieces are over $100 at least!


  1. What station is this? It looks like Park Street but I don't know the red line all that well.