It's kind of like saving money, only it's spending money

Great news, the faux leather motorcycle jacket at Target is on sale for $19.99! As if $30 wasn't a good deal all on it's own.

Unfortunately my local target only has sizes xs and xl in stock, so I had to order it online.

And in order to get free shipping you have to spend $50. I'm not going to just pay $7 to ship something if there is the possibility of getting it for free. So I thought I'd just throw in a pair of their cute boots for $30 and be all set. However the boots weren't really $30, they were 29.99, and that meant my total was only 49.98 which in Target land means no free shipping for you.

I then spent about an hour trying to find something else, anything else to buy, anything to get my free shipping! But I was stuck.

Then I remembered Amazon wishlists, and my wonderful friends and family who actually keep theirs up to date. Since Target sells many of the same things, I ditched the boots I wasn't completely in love with and got Christmas shopping done instead.

More about my new jacket in 5-7 business days.


  1. I feel your 5-7 day pain. Good luck upon arrival!

  2. I'm excited to see it! Good idea on throwing in some Christmas items. Normally I do the opposite - I'll start Christmas shopping online and then add something for myself to get free shipping!