Layered Cardigans

Layered Cardigans, originally uploaded by LyddieGal.

I've been seeing layered cardigans in magazines and catalogs lately, and have been wanting to try it. This is my most successful attempt, because both cardigans are pretty thin, and I opted for tights over pants.

Previously attempts yielded rather lumpy looks, where it just felt like there was too much fabric. Magazine models with their super thin limbs can pull off the chunky knit in multiple layers, but not me!

I feel these cardigans work because the deep v on the navy cardigan keeps the lines long, the cropped (and rolled-up) sleeves expose the arms and balance out the very covered neck, and the tights, rather than pants allow for a clean line.

I may have gone overboard with three patterns in one outfit (I blame my recent Ugly Betty marathon), but they are all fairly neutral, as patterns go.

Lucky Mags website has some cardigan layering suggestions, which are very different than my own, so you could check those out too.


  1. The mixing of patterns doesn't really bother me here. And I really love the polkadots!

  2. those tigths are ridiculously fantastic! love it!