Motorcycle Jacket

My $20 motorcycle jacket from Target has arrived!
What I like is, as faux leather goes, it has a believable appearance. I like that it has a full lapel on both sides so you can zip it all the way to the top, or leave it wide open, and the lapel will adjust.

On the down side, the jacket isn't lined, so I'll have to wear lots of layers if I don't want to wait until spring to wear it. It's also shorter than I thought it would be -- it looks short on the model, but I know she's about 6" taller than me, so I was surprised when it hit my waist at the same spot.

Styled it really quickly for a photo - love it with the endless scarf and gloves, pretty happy with the mustard cords, but the suede fringe boots don't work at all.

Also put together two more looks with a lovely polyvore collage.

I also noticed that Express has a similar jacket, and that they stopped making their leather jackets out of leather and cleverly renamed them (Minus the Leather) Jacket. Funny, this didn't seem alter their prices much. Their "leather" jacket is lined and does come with a fun detachable fur collar, but for $118 is it worth it?


  1. Your Target jacket is definitely the better choice, considering Express is using the same/similar materials and charging so much more. If I'm paying that much, I'm getting leather!

    Love what you paired with it. Can't wait to see more outfits!

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