Where do things in TJMaxx come from?

We’ve all seen the commercials; designers made to many, European 1s, ‘Clothing Optional’ PR fiasco (I guess those are Marshalls, but same difference). And I’m sure that’s true, but only to some extent. There are still a good deal of odd-ball items in there which had to come from some odd, apparel time warp.

I'm wondering this because today I encountered a pair of Steve Madden Pumps, Vyceroy in multi fabric, a shoe I purchased in November of 2007. I paid $70. The pair in TJMaxx was $16.99.

How did this lone pair of winter ’07 pumps come to be in my local TJMaxx in summer ‘09?

Part of me was thankful they weren’t in my size, otherwise I would have been really mad that I’d paid $70. I realize that it’s completely irrational, I’ve had the last year and 7 months to wear and enjoy the shoes. I really wanted them at the time, decided they were worth the price, and have happily worn them.

If I was told I could go back, not get them, and then buy them (in my size of course) today for $16.99, would I? For $53, would you?

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