Sookie Stackhouse's Travel Outfit: The Floral Cardigan

Last night's episode of True Blood was full of some pretty great moments, and if you are not watching it, you should be. Really, the show is awesome.

But as for the clothing aspect of the show, for Sookie's trip to Texas, she skipped off her private plane looking like she'd hopped off the pages of a J. Crew catalog, in a pale yellow pleated skirt, white pumps, and a brown and yellow floral cardigan.

Sadly, I could not find a floral cardigan at J. Crew that was still in stock (there were at least two good ones that were not), and after checking all the usual places, the best I could find was the floral cardigan at the Gap for $24.99.

As for the other pieces, Forever 21 has an almost perfect pleated skirt for $15.80
At Etsy, this one seller has several adorable butterfly necklaces, all under $15, and I can't pick just one. (not to mention the 20 million other butterfly necklaces on Etsy, good luck making a decision!)
For the shoes, I think these satin open toe pumps are super girly and cute - not quite like Sookie's simple white pumps, but I tend to gravitate towards shoes that are anything but plain.
To tie in the brown in the cardigan, Sookie has a brown flower clip in her hair, another item to be found in abundance at Etsy, or Forever 21. I chose one from Forever, because how do you beat $2.50?
She also has the teensist bit of a white lacy cami peaking out from under her cardigan, and I would once again go with the truly cheapest one out there, $5.80 at Forever 21.

"I've always loved these [tiny bottles of alcohol], they're like booze for dolls."


  1. That exact floral cardigan is for sale at Delia's - I know because I own it. :) It's from last year but that's even better because now it's on sale!

    The link is:

  2. Ahhh awesome!! thanks so much for telling me!

  3. i love how they dress that girl in the show <3