Pretty good clearance sale at H&M: Snake Print Dress

It was only pretty good because out of the seven racks of items ranging from $5 to $25, and the five pieces I found which I loved, only one of them was available in my size. As for the others, they appeared to be the only ones of their kind.

While I’m sure I wont have much trouble locating an equally nice lime green top, or an even better white denim mini skirt (one where the pockets don’t show through), I feel I will be hard pressed to find another purple pencil skirt. I was really loving it, even how it looked when paired with the green shirt. And had I not looked like a cheap whore with my booty squeezed into that size four, I would have purchased it.

What I did come home with was a chiffon snake print drop waist dress. Forty dollars, marked down to ten. Low scoop back, very summery – I can imagine it at a poolside, or thrown on to go out to dinner after a day at the beach. Chiffon of the nylon variety doesn’t wrinkle much, so it passes the ‘roll in it a ball, stuff it in a bag, still look fabulous’ test.

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