Bug Net Anyone?

It's official; the house is infested. I woke up this morning with an ant crawling along my leg and three bug bites on my back. I can't even fathom why an ant would venture into my bedroom - aside from the occasional coffee mug, I don't have any food in there.

I also encountered three spiders in the bathroom. THREE. And it's a small bathroom.

My bug tolerance is very low and I can not deal with the idea of some creepy multi-legged thing crawling on me while I sleep, so I've decided I should get a bug net.

The nets are actually quite attractive, and add a rather romantic quality to the bedroom.
Ikea has one for $20, but you can't get it online.
Ebay has many attractive options, I especially like the one with the four poster bed look, for maximum coverage and protection. Or perhaps one in a color. This coral would contrast nicely with my turquoise bedding.

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