Brown and Grey for a Summer Day: This Outfit for Under $100

white floral print top, grey skirt, brown sandals, brown belt

When I post my Under $100 Outfits, I'm always comprising them of things I actually own, and for the most part, have not just gone out and purchased. So I then set about the task of tracking down similar items, because if you can't actually make the outfit, then it's just a big tease - kind of like when you open a magazine and see something you LOVE, only to discover it's $400 and that even if it did go on sale, you'd still never spend that much.

That's what spurred the creation of this outfit anyway.

White Top $20 at Khols
Grey Skirt $15.80 at Forever 21
Belt $10 at Khols
Shoes $40 at Amazon
Bangles $7.80 at Forever 21

Total: $93.60 (but that doesn't factor in any shipping costs, so.....)

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