Strange, irrational desire to wear horizontal stripes

(See how much more flattering a solid is when compared to a stripe?)

Horizontal stripes accentuate curves and make you appear shorter. So if you are tall, flat chested and thin, then horizontal stripes are great to wear. However, if you are short and curvy, the last thing you need is to look shorter and, well, curvier.

With this knowledge in mind, I have successfully avoided the dreaded stripes for years, seeking out their counterpart, vertical stripes, and constantly buying them on pants to grant myself the illusion of extra height.

I have snubbed horizontals, and all who wear them, especially those who do so in ignorance.

But last time I went into a store I found myself drawn to them again and again. Navy and white cammi with lacy top, pale yellow and cream v-neck cardigan, on shoes, on bags, on underwear!

I wanted them bad. So I tried some on.
Here are my conclusions: the more pronounced the stripes, the worse they look. Really thin or pale stripes aren't so bad, and on a shoe, they are downright cute!

So I indulged a little, and got the cammi - everything in moderation, right?

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