Do you DIY?

This morning I found myself watching (a rerun of) Rachael Ray's morning talk show, where she had a contestant from Project Runway showing us how to upcycle our old jeans and t-shirts into fabulous couture items. His methods involved taking a lemon zester to a pair of jeans and bleach to a t-shirt.

Okay, did you watch it? Were you impressed? And most importantly, is that something you would ever want to do to your clothes you were planning on throwing away? Usually when I get rid of something it is because it no longer fits my body, not because I'm tired of it. And who 'gets tired' of a plain black t-shirt and dark wash jeans anyway?

I don't buy into the money saving aspect of these DIY projects either. If your jeans are ripped and you decide to just make it look deliberate rather than tossing them, wouldn't you still have to go out and buy a new pair of un-ripped jeans?

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