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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Style Challenge Update

I've been taking a rather leisurely pace with La Fille D'or's style challenge, but realized that I am now half way through - having worn each of my four pieces twice! So, here are the looks, in case you missed them.

Sequined Tank - I love Wild Bird Vintage commented that this was "Striped, sequined, and yet somehow still a neutral piece". I couldn't agree more, and the more I wear it, the more I like this top.

Velvet Blazer - Once I realized how easily I could fold up the sleeves, this blazer was transformed. At the normal length, the blazer looks like it swallows me up, but at half length, it looks perfect!

High waisted pencil skirt - I adore this skirt, but it can be tricky. My first attempt didn't work too well, I feel like I lost my waist entirely and looked a bit disproportional, even with my super high heels. I believe the addition of the bolder, thicker belt, as well as the elimination of color blocking helped with my second attempt.

Brushstroke Top - This has not been an easy piece for me to layer! Maybe the temperature will go back up to 65 for my last two looks so I wont have to... I also think I should experiment with bringing in another color - I certainly played it safe with black and grey in these two outfits.

Two more looks each - I'm definitely open to suggestions!!

I'd also like to mention this photographer, Alex Prager, who's work I just saw for the first time this evening. I really love it.

And there are so many other amazing photographs, these will surely be influencing both my fashion, and my photography. Find more about Alex Prager here.


  1. Yeay! for the half-way mark! I have really liked all your outfits, my favorite is the pencil skirt with that striped top, but I also really like the blazer with the yellow gap jeans too!

    Thanks for sharing Alex Prager's work. The colors are amazing!
    I loved this http://alexprager.com/#/thebigvalley,2008/desiree/

  2. All of your outfits are GREAT. I have a question, how did you partake in the Style Challenge? It seems like so much fun! :)


  3. I like the first Alex Prager photo !


    XOXO, C.

  4. Love the Prager shots. Very odd and haunting. And I love those mustard colored pants, missy!


  5. Great looks! I love how you add a pop of color to most of them, you have a wonderful style!


  6. I love how you put these looks together. The outfit with the blazer and the ankle booties with that gorgeous hat is a great inspiration for me - it is casual and looks comfy, yet you look chic and not boring at all!

  7. Ohh, I love all of your outfits! :D

  8. My favorite outfit is the shorts with the velvet blazer. It is incredibly flattering and looks effortlessly chic.


  9. my fauvorite outfit is the one with shorts and blazer!also, i love the colors and the pattern of the brushstroke top!

  10. great looks all round. the pencil skirt was made for you!

  11. i love the yellow denim! <3


  12. Great outfts! and the ones you've submitted to my challnge too, you are on fire.

  13. Wow, these outfits are all so inspiring. Love the accessories and everything

  14. You've done an incredible job with these outfits! I can't even pick a favorite.

  15. Love all your outfits, good job!


  16. FANTASTIC job on this challenge. I have the same shorts and love them...it would be cute paired with that pale pink shirt and the gray cardi.

  17. Hi there,

    I just came across your blog and really enjoyed it.

    Please come and have a look at my page too.

    I hope to see you soon.

  18. Have you tried wearing the blazer with one of your dresses? Could be cute! I have a corduroy blazer- I'm going to see how mine looks with the sleeves rolled up

  19. Love the combo of the ruffly shirt and shorts.

  20. The outfit you picked for me is so cute! I'm going to try it tomorrow, with a different cardigan (I unfortunately left that one at my parents' house). I'll go through yours and pick something too! I hope I'm still within the deadline...

  21. These are all great looks. I especially love the hat and blazer one.


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