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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge - complete!

Day five of the challenge has come and gone, and I feel like I was able to put together some really unique outfits with my pieces.

I don't know why, but I really like these awkard disjointed poses

If I were to do another (and I think I will) I would definitely include some earrings in with my accessories. The peacock bangle I wore on Monday I selected not knowing it would become part of such a challenge, and subsequently didn't wear it again because heavy bangles get in my way when trying to type, so I always end up taking them off; therefore I won't wear them on days when I have work.

Today I fashioned my dress as a top and bloused it over the waist band of the lace skirt. This was mostly to get the dress to a length where it didn't hang below the skirt, but also to obscure the thick waist band of the skirt and give it a slightly different look.

I also wore the floral cardigan again (I'm glad I'm getting so much use out of it!) and chose navy tights for a slightly different look with my black pumps. The cut-outs really work their magic when you've got something to contrast the black.

Anyone else starting a style challenge? If so, count me in!


  1. Love that cardigan!
    Greetings from Berlin.


  2. I like the idea of wearing the dress as a top, cool! I just bought my first cardigan the other week, hehe.

  3. I love that cardigan. (: It's got so many colors in it = so many things you can do it with it.

  4. You did really well with your items! I am loving that black skirt!

    I'm thinking of starting a challenge for myself. To find an item in my closet that I haven't worn for at least 6 months (but can't bring myself to part with) and try to find at least four ways to wear it with what I currently have in my wardrobe-

  5. I'm sort of loving the idea of wearing a dress as a top - especially since I have so many more dresses than separates! I'm really craving more lace in my wardrobe too - that skirt is just gorgeous!

  6. Your capsule style challenge reminds me of a feature they used to do in Lucky Magazine! I always loved to see remixes of limited versatile items! Really cute outfits you came up with too!

  7. that floral cardigan is simply adorable. :D

  8. I am so glad you enjoyed the challenge - look out for the round-up next weekend.

  9. I *love* those shoes, and the black+blue combo. Too cute. This is such a cool challenge!

  10. HI! sorry for being slow on replying :) thanks for the sweet comment on 5 inch and up :)

    I would also love to have the power of making everything my size... lucky for me the boots might fit now that I have tried to wear them with thick socks! :) xxx

  11. This is so pretty, I love this outfit!
    Love that you went with navy tights, instead of black. Small change, but it makes all the difference. :)
    From the pictures, it looks like you live in a really nice area.

  12. floral carigans are the best (wearing one right now ;-) I had one for years and when it died I hunted on etsy and ebay for months to find a suitable replacement. good job on the challenge!

  13. Thank you for your comment in my blog, it's always nice to meet new people.
    Love your outfits but I have a soft spot for this last one, maybe because of the conjugation between the color of the shirt and the flowers of the cardigan.

  14. I like your leather moto jacket! no wonder everyone has one

  15. Gorgeous skirt!

  16. You did an amazing job with the challenge! And are you doing something different with your makeup routine? You look so refreshed and flat-out stunning in these photos!


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