Visit to Boston

In a completely spur of the moment and uncharacteristic decision (I can’t help it, I’m just a planner!) I left last Sunday afternoon for Boston; to visit with a friend.

Packing for trips always stresses me out, since I don’t really know what I'll be doing or what the weather will be once there. I tend to pack outfits I’ve already worn and tested out, so I know I’ll be cute and comfortable.

For Sunday, I went with a winterized version of the grey skirt and striped shirt outfit I put together; switching the cotton skirt for a wool one and adding a vest, leggings and boots.

Stripey (again)

On Monday I wore my denim button skirt with the bow top and new floral cardigan. I’m such a slacker, I didn’t take any pictures!

We spent the day hopping from thrift store to thrift store, hoping for some buried treasures. I found an amazing iridescent teal trench coat that was about ten sizes too big and a cute yellow jacket with navy flowers that was meant for someone with arms the width of toothpicks.

I did come home with a mustard bag that was originally from Aldo, for $10. I may however, gift the bag to my mother, as it is exactly her style and I’m such a thoughtful daughter. (I may have to borrow it though.)

Tuesday was shopping in Downtown Crossing, and I kept it low key in jeans and a sweater and snow boots, since the forecast said it was going to start snowing around noon. It didn’t.

Trying on some shoes in payless - cute, but maybe when they go on sale!

I came home with three great clearance finds at Macy’s, a bejeweled bib necklace marked down to $11; a pair of really cool filigree earrings for $10, that have beads attached to both the stud and the back, for a multi layered look.

I also got a sheer black and white patterned top with ruffles, despite my best intentions to stop buying things that I already have items similar to.

The new stripe patterned top paired with the floral cardigan - just to join the bandwagon.

At H&M I found a pair of low turquoise pumps and a floral skirt, both that I desperately wanted and neither in my size. I know there are a million H&Ms in Boston, but my friend isn’t as invested in shopping as I am, and dragging her along on such a mission would have been cruel. So I’ll just have to check the one near me back in CT.

Wednesday, instead of snow, there was more rain. My suede booties are a bit worse for wear, but hopefully when they dry they’ll be okay.

When I got home there was a small surprise for me, a pair of black peep-toe sling backs that my aunt no longer wanted, so I happily adopted them.

grey day

It feels like that was the weekend, but it wasn't - the weekend is about to begin, so yay!


  1. i love the mustard bag, it looks much more expensive! and how fun are your tights in the last photo! i think i need to take a cue and head to TJs or somewhere to find fun patterns for cheap!

  2. Loving your cute buys!
    Great earrings!

  3. Wow, sounds like you had a fun time in Boston!!! I just went there over Christmas break and I loved it. Looks like you got some nice finds too :)

  4. aww sounds like you had a ton of fun in boston. i'm loving that gray skirt on you. and you got so many new things! i'm especially in love with that mustard bag and that's sweet you gave it to your mom. at least it won't be too far out of reach if you have the urge to borrow it ;)

  5. I think you should do an About Me section! I'm sure we can all an interesting life. Once you start writing about it, you'll realize. Thanks for checking out my about me post :)

    Love the red jacket!

  6. Great post! I love the bag and the scarf!!

    The last outfit is my favourite - it is perfect!

    Well done for you spontenious decision - those are the one that usually work out the best!

  7. Oh my goodness, lady! You found some great items on the cheap! (Hence the name of your blog, I suppose!)

    I'm a planner too - the idea of a spontaneous trip makes me a little woozy.

  8. This is really funny to me- I went to Boston a few weeks ago on a pseudo-spontaneous trip (I'm a planner too!). I also hit up the clothing stores (though less than I wanted), H&M especially, and then kind of ruined my boots.

    Too fun!


  10. oh fun! I will only ge payless shoes on sale too, they don't last me very long...

  11. Those are cool earrings, I like how they're on the back and from, so unique! And I agree, let's both wait until payless has some sales! I do love all of your outfits here, the red with the stripey scarf is very cute, you're always so pretty!

  12. love the color of that yellow bag. its soo pretty. :D

  13. wow you really got some great stuff. LOVE the yellow bag. and for $10! wowwie! :)

    Wanderlusting Fool

  14. It looks like you had a fun weekend- it mad me a bit homesick - I used to spend the days with friends shopping around town- stopping to get lunch at a little place called the Trident Cafe...

    Let me know if you go back I have some thrift shops that I always had pretty good luck in to suggest : )

  15. i've always wanted to go to boston! ur lucky!!

  16. ahhh the joys of thrifting. i wish we had an h&m here. love the stuff that you did find, and those shoes you were trying on were cute too.

  17. Aw, you've made me miss Boston! I used to live there and LOVED it - definitely my favorite city in the US. You looked adorable on your trip!

  18. That shot of Boston is great!!!! And the yellow purse? I'm a bit jealous :)
    Have fun, happy Saturday!

  19. You looked just adorable. Really love those fringed boots and argyle tights!

  20. I love the photo of the sunset and I love the orange jacket your wearing in the shoe photo

  21. so cute! i love the tights in your last photo. you have such gorgeous hair.

  22. love your chic looks, I am crazy about thrifting ;)


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