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Monday, February 1, 2010

Throwing stones

This week is my style challenge to wear the clothes I haven't worn in ages, or ever.

Day Two: Funnel neck jacket
Last worn: March 2009

Style Challenge - Day Two
This pinstriped jacket prompted a much more casual look than I normally go for, and once I decided on the purple jeans I though I’d incorporate a few other of my closet neglects:

Green Converse sneakers – last worn St. Patrick’s Day last year – or was it two years ago?
Studded gloves – Purchased in October, haven’t worn yet.
Chain top – I just got this, so it’s not that bad, but this is the first wear.

As you can see by my cuffed pants and jacket sleeves, I hate hemming things. I put it off for as long as I can, and sometimes forever. Typically I’ll fold them under and safety pin them, but today I was feeling like a punk with my chains and my studs and my Chucks, so I cuffed them.

Hey, it's my tree
I wish I had a thousand dollars to spend on a 135mm lens so that I could take portraits with beautiful bokeh backgrounds – but I’m learning how to fake it with my much more affordable hundred dollar 50mmlens.

Red peacoat
After I was done freezing for my outfit shot, I put these on. I love my grey scarf/cowl/hood. It is like a cocoon of warmth.

Four pieces in one outfit, I think I did pretty good today! Or wait, is that cheating?

The rundown
Funnel neck jacket Khol's - Chain top Urban Outfitters - Purple Jeans Khol's - Green Sneakers Converse - Studded fingerless gloves Renee's Accessories - Red peacoat Nine West - Grey scarf Raffaello Bettini


Elaine said...

I think you totally pull off that funnel jacket! I'm surprised you don't wear it often because it looks great on you!


megara said...

wow you look great! I'm loving the cold-inspired clothing, because I'm definitely having to wear warmer clothes right now. I am also trying to wear pieces I already own more often!


Eyeliah said...

good idea to layer jackets.

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

love the green converse!!