One Thing

I'm in slight disbelieve that October has arrived, and in my typical fashion, feeling overwhelmed by all the things I haven't yet done this year, I want to shrink into a tiny ball and do nothing while the guilt from unanswered emails and abandoned to-do lists gnaws away my insides. Time expands and contracts in whichever way isn't convenient - I wake up at 7:30 a.m. and have my coffee, thinking I'll get my blog post up soon. Then it's noon, my coffee is long cold, I'm still in pajamas, and the cursor on my screen blinks to an empty page. I'm not entirely sure where that time went, but clearly I'm not going to take responsibility when I can blame the internet.  

I just wanted to get one thing done today, even if it was just writing this post, yet once again, I feel that I'm at a loss for words, a trend which began at the start of the pandemic and has stretched out over all these months. Maybe just leave it at the photos then.

 leopard midi skirt, white knit tank, raffia bag, espadrilles-8.jpg leopard midi skirt, white knit tank, raffia bag, espadrilles-7.jpg leopard midi skirt, white knit tank, raffia bag, espadrilles-12.jpg leopard midi skirt, white knit tank, raffia bag, espadrilles-15.jpg leopard midi skirt, white knit tank, raffia bag, espadrilles-10.jpg leopard midi skirt, white knit tank, raffia bag, espadrilles-13.jpg leopard midi skirt, white knit tank, raffia bag, espadrilles-16.jpg
The Rundown
Knit Tank
Leopard Skirt Gap similar
Espadrilles Soludos
Raffia Bag Cleobella via Marshalls
Ram Hoop Earrings Vintage via Goodwill 
Necklace S.V. Decker
Locket Necklace Gorjana via TJMaxx
 Blue Topaz Stacking Ring Hirajule via TJMaxx
Twist Ring Vintage via Etsy
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx


  1. You are stunning. Thanks for sharing xoxo idea. I really like it. xoxo fashion womens clothes

  2. I've definitely found I've been at a loss for words lately when writing my posts. So they just come out as boring jumbled words, haha! But hey, at least we've got pretty photos to look at, right? Maybe Fall will break us out of our ruts (even though I know you don't particularly like the shortening days, haha! and neither do I)

  3. Such a pretty skirt on you! I have found it hard to feel motivated at times too, it's such a different world and we definitely need to show ourselves grace :)

    Hope that you have a nice weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From Blue

  4. There's sort of an ongoing and persistent weight and heaviness about all of this, like it just sort of sits on you and crushes you down a bit everyday. Ugh. Things I don't want to focus on. On the plus side, that's a gorgeous skirt (I love, love, love a cheetah/leopard print, as you know).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. I have no idea where the time goes. What is time anyway?
    Love your leopard print skirt!

  6. Hey, Lydia! It's been awhile. I know exactly how you're feeling. Time seems to slip through my fingers quite often these days. I also find myself at a loss for words, hence the gap in blog posts. Nonetheless, this new month & (fall) season is a welcomed change.

    I love this look; anything leopard print makes me happy! Cute purse too! Great styling, as usual.