Fall Fashion Style Challenge with Connecticut Post Mall

I am so excited to be a part of the Connecticut Post Mall's second annual Fall Fashion Style Challenge with four other Connecticut bloggers! Naturally the day I went to shop for my look, I had no plan, I just started shopping. I purchased three bottoms and no tops, a blazer, a fedora, a pair of pumps. I felt like once I found the perfect 'anchor' piece the rest of the look would fall into place. It was a bit overwhelming to put one look together when there was a whole mall full of shops with pieces and styles that could go in any direction. 

I thought I'd settled on my look, which featured lots of layers, plaid, a blush pink coat, and several accessories. However, once I added up my total, I realized I'd exceeded my budget of $300, and then I found out that accessories couldn't be included. Naturally I was very attached to the accessories I'd chosen, and when I found that out they weren't allowed, I ended up scrapping the whole look save for the shoes. 

I realized I needed my 'anchor' piece to be a coat, and headed to Macy's. There were so many gorgeous coats that even on sale would have consumed my entire budget; but then I found the most perfect brown leather jacket, priced just right. I immediately recalled the long sleeve wrap dress I'd looked at in Express earlier, with its metallic flecks of caramel brown among a black and white print, and knew would be a standout piece even sans accessories. 

I was (mostly) good and returned all of my 'maybes' with the exception of the wool fedora and wide leg pants which were on sale for a mere $12 at H&M. 

If you haven't cast a vote, please head over to the post on Instagram and do, I would very much appreciate it!

P.S. If I win I'm going back for this coat!

long sleeve wrap dress, brown leather jacket, croc pumps-12-2.jpglong sleeve wrap dress, brown leather jacket, croc pumps-8.jpglong sleeve wrap dress, brown leather jacket, croc pumps-16.jpglong sleeve wrap dress, brown leather jacket, croc pumps-15-2.jpglong sleeve wrap dress, brown leather jacket, croc pumps-3.jpglong sleeve wrap dress, brown leather jacket, croc pumps-14.jpglong sleeve wrap dress, brown leather jacket, croc pumps-4.jpglong sleeve wrap dress, brown leather jacket, croc pumps-11.jpg
The Rundown
Metallic Ruffle Wrap Midi Dress Express
Leather Jacket Michale Miachel Kors via Macy's
Croc Pumps Unisa via Macy's Backstage
All pieces c/o Connecticut Post Mall


  1. I confess - I loved your original look, particularly the belt and trousers combination. (Super curious where you found both, because the trouser length was so perfect!) But I do feel like this look is actually somehow more representative of how I think of your style. And I love how the brown shade really does tie it all together, from the jacket to the shoes to the hint of warm brown in the pattern on the dress. I know you know this already, but you've got my vote ;)

  2. Such a pretty Fall look, I love the print of the dress! It's a shame you couldn't include accessories, although some of the other girls did. Everyone looks great, but I voted for you, duhhh!!

  3. That sounds like such a fun competition - I'm hoping over to vote. And that dress and jacket combo is pretty perfect on you.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. This sounds like so much fun! I love the outfit you chose and that coat is gorgeous!

  5. Very stylish jacket you wear. Dresses are also beautiful in shape and pattern. You are good at mixing and matching clothes.
    Greetings from Indonesia.

  6. This is a beautiful dress and it all works so well with the brown jacket and shoes! It's a shame you couldn't go with your first choice outfit but you would never know this was a second choice option, it looks great! I have voted for you :)

    Hope you are having a nice week :)

    Away From Blue

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