September Budget

I recently found myself getting reacquainted with, Goodwill's auction style site that operates like eBay circa the early aughts. If you were an eBayer back then, you might recall the anxiety of constantly needing to refresh the page to see if you'd been outbid and trying to stratigize how close to the last second you could place your bid and still have it go through. After losing an auction for the most beautiful and unique mother of pearl hoop earrings I'd ever seen, I was licking my wounds and determined not to get outbid on the next auction. This was foolish on me. The ram hoop earrings are far more widely available than I'd realized, I definitely should have let the other bidder win that one, and I feel like my determination to win led me to pay more than I'd have liked on the other two pairs of earrings I bought as well, especially since I wasn't considering they would charge upwards to $10 to ship them. Suffice to say, I hate 

Meanwhile on the comfort of, I submitted a 'best offer' for a leather blazer and got it for $30, which included shipping. Win some, lose some, right?

I also found myself seeking a pair of caned leather pumps (naturally, to keep on theme with the three caned bags I already procured this year) and ended up liking the pair on JustFab the most. I decided to take advantage of their introductory offer of $10 for the first pair of shoes. They ended up being a little too long for me, but since it would cost more to send them back, I placed both toe and heel cushions in them and have decided that will suffice. Worth noting - to cancel JustFab, you have to call, and the customer service rep will offer pretty much anything to get you not to cancel. Stay strong. Get your $10 shoes and get out.

Isabella Bird Leather Blazer, $30 via eBay
Madewell Black Straw Packable Hat, $18
JustFab White Caned Pumps, $10
14k Gold Hoop Earrings, $31 via
Ray-Ban Nina Tortoise Cateye Sunglasses, $90 via Saks off Fifth
Sashi Gold Plated Coin Necklace, $20 via TJMaxx
J.Crew Silk Collection Pants, $36
Joie Leopard Print Janeli Slip Dress, $97
Aritzia Wilfred Pearl Button Cardigan, $28
Joie Light Floral Pharra Silk Dress, $87
14k Gold Jade Hoop Earrings, $50 via
Musse Mint Green Singback Heels, $30 via Marshalls
14k Gold Ram Hoop Earrings, $127 via
1 State Leopard Print Booties, $30 via TJMaxx
Loft Tortoise Buckle Belt, $10
Nanette Nanette Lepore Button Front Skirt, $10 via TJMaxx
Treasure and Bond White Wrap Dress, $47 via Nordstrom


  1. Haha yes, that is like when I cancelled my Fabletics account, so awkward!
    Such a great deal on the blazer!

  2. I like the earrings you got, and that floral dress! I remember the ebay stress of waiting for the perfect moment to bid - I haven't bought auction style in a while now! It's good you did get 2 other pairs of earrings and you got a great deal on the blazer! :)

    Sorry for my delayed reply to this post - it just popped up in feedly today!

    Hope your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  3. I have to start by saying that the Wilfred pearl button cardigan will not disappoint! When I bought it on a whim, I expected to wear it just once - but it wound up being one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe for early summer, when it wasn't yet truly hot but I wanted to go out with bare legs. Also, your description of is giving me terrible flashbacks to my days of hunting for unicorns in eBay (which I mostly did from 2006 to 2010) and reminding me very clearly why I gave it up. How did I put myself through that torture for so long??

  4. I don't think I heard about shopgoodwill! It sounds addicting! The jade and ram earrings you got are beautiful! I love the 'best offer' on ebay! I've gotten some amazing deals that way!