Waiting for an Occassion

Whenever an item makes its way into my closet that I deem 'special' I often wait a terribly long time for an occasion to arise. When I finally acquired this Kate Spade dress last summer, after years of searching, I envisioned its first outing to be on a boat. There was nothing rational about this desire, and no reason I shouldn't have thrown on this dress the day it arrived at my doorstep. But I waited all the same, and when I had an opportunity to attend an event supporting small businesses in New London this weekend, I decided that boat adjacent would have to be good enough - this dress could not miss another summer.

While the forecast had called for cloudiness with a small chance of rain, it could not have been more wrong. Torrential downpours dashed my hopes of lunch al fresco, which was a shame, as the restaurants in New London along Bank Street all have fantastic water views. The rain didn't mange to stop me from shopping however, and I enjoyed patronizing all the small businesses in New London's historic downtown. When the sun finally broke through I thought it would be the perfect time to get ice cream; naturally the moment my sundae was in my hands the rain started up again! Despite dodging the rain drops, it was still a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon and I hope to plan another visit soon.

 Kate Spade fan print dress, ferragamo slides, straw box bag-5.jpg Kate Spade fan print dress, ferragamo slides, straw box bag-4.jpg Kate Spade fan print dress, ferragamo slides, straw box bag-10.jpg Kate Spade fan print dress, ferragamo slides, straw box bag-7.jpg Kate Spade fan print dress, ferragamo slides, straw box bag-3.jpg Kate Spade fan print dress, ferragamo slides, straw box bag-9.jpg
The Rundown
Dress Florence Broadhurst for Kate Spade via eBay
White Slides Ferragamo via Coco's on the Green
Black Straw Bag Zara similar
Earrings Vintage similar
Pearl Anchor Necklace Handmade similar
Gold Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Midi Stackable Diamond Ring c/o AUrate New York
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Cat Eye Sunglasses H&M
Nail Color "Caviar Bar" Essie


  1. That dress is really cute and you are so right and I also pictured this dress right by the boats! New London sounds like a really cute town!


  2. It's such a fun dress!! I've found myself trying to save pieces too, I need to just wear them!

  3. I love this post!! What a beautiful dress on you and you styled it so perfectly!

  4. It's a really beautiful dress and I can see how wearing it for a boat trip would be perfect - but I am glad you wore it for really any activity.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. I'm the same with special purchases!! And you're right, this dress was made for a day on the yacht!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  6. I am just like you ... I wait ... and then sometimes a whole year goes by ... I am trying to change though. Not treating clothes are prizes. Such a pretty dress. Glad we got to see it on the blog this summer :)

    ❥ tanvii.com

  7. It's such a beautiful dress and it's great you finally took it out for a spin, even if the weather wasn't the best! I find I do that, I 'save' pieces for special occasions, and I'm really trying to challenge that lately!

    Hope that you had a great weekend! I had a fun night out with some Insta friends in Brisbane which was awesome :)

    Away From Blue

  8. I can so relate to you Lydia because I'm the same way with a special dress or outfit - I often save it for that perfect event! I love this dress and I love Kate Spade. It's just lovely!

  9. Love your pretty dress and that handbag is fabulous!


  10. While it's quite unfortunate that you had to endure such terrible weather, at least you had the opportunity to wear this lovely dress. It really is perfect for a summer event!

  11. This is such a gorgeous dress babe and the print is absolutely beautiful! Love the length too!

    cute & little

  12. This dress was absolutely deserving of what turned out to be its figurative moment in the sun, and I'm glad you took it out this year despite not having what you envisioned as the perfect occasion to wear it. I'm very much guilty of the same thing myself - of wanting to wear certain outfits to the perfect place so that the whole story comes together, even if that might mean waiting months or years. And it is silly. The things we love deserve to be worn and enjoyed. And we owe ourselves those opportunities to wear them and enjoy them, even if they aren't picture perfect :)

  13. That dress is gorgeous on you! I've always been such a big fan of Kate Spade dresses!


  14. Kate Spade dresses are timeless, yours is a beautiful piece I had not seen before.
    I am also one to save for those special occasions that never happen. Which is why I am wearing a Marimekko maxi dress to work today.

  15. I know what you mean- I'll save a piece for a "special occasion" and then kick myself for letting it sit in the closet too long, haha. I love this dress on you! Fun print and totally combats the dreary weather- you shine!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. I love this story and this dress. I think we definitely put a lot of pressure on dressing for occasions instead of buying pieces that can be worn for so many. Hopefully that changes with the zeitgeist! I think moral of the story- life is short, buy the dress ;)

    S | Je M'appelle Chanel

  17. This dress has the prettiest print! I have several pieces I need to wear because I'm always saving them for a special occasion!

  18. That print is just gorgeous! I do this all the time. I find that breaking it out for whatever reason ends up being better than leaving it in my closet....


  19. I remember this print and it's lovely! Sometimes the weather just won't cooperate with us right? At least we can still look good!

  20. I know the feeling of waiting for the right occasion all too well, the dress is lovely! I'd wait to wear it too!

  21. Loving the print of the Florence Broadhurst for Kate Spade dress dear. Such a classic style,

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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