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As you can likely tell by my woefully obvious farmer's tan, I haven't had too many beach days this summer, and most of my time in the sun has been on dog walks with my less than fashionable high neck, short sleeve Wag! tee.

While I've always considered myself lucky to live in a coastal town, the idea of paying $25 to park at a beach in my own state has always irked me. While I'm free to visit my own small town beach for the paltry fee of a $5 sticker every two years, that is not the case at my neighboring beaches. When I lived in Milford I thought about getting a beach sticker, but balked at the $150 price tag for the seasonal pass. Instead I just avoided the beaches I knew were strictly monitored and took my chances parking illegally.

A couple years ago Connecticut started charging an extra $10 vehicle registration fee to allow free parking at any state park, including several beaches. I thought this was wonderful. Other towns have been up in arms, upset at the influx of freeloading visitors. While I understand that beaches and their facilities need care and maintenance and lifeguards, it seems crazy to me that I shouldn't be able to enjoy a neighboring beach for free - especially when I just want to quickly snap a few photos.

On this evening I was in a very residential beach area, meaning homes blocked the water views, they were all private for those wealthy enough to afford a beach home. I walked along for about a half mile until I saw a spot between two homes that stated public access. Then I saw a private property sign. Not willing to give up my photo spot we snapped away while some people watched from their deck overlooking the water. I would have left if they'd said anything, but I was quick, and they were thankfully silent.

It seems crazy to me that the beaches in my state aren't free to all it's residents.

 black eyelet jumpsuit, fringe raffia bag, braided sandals-5.jpg black eyelet jumpsuit, fringe raffia bag, braided sandals-3.jpg black eyelet jumpsuit, fringe raffia bag, braided sandals-8.jpg black eyelet jumpsuit, fringe raffia bag, braided sandals-6.jpg black eyelet jumpsuit, fringe raffia bag, braided sandals-7.jpg black eyelet jumpsuit, fringe raffia bag, braided sandals-1.jpg
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  1. Yea, the beach situation is definitely weird here, haha. We get access to town beaches with our taxes but I don't really like the beaches here (not that I've given them a chance) I prefer to just drive up to Rhode Island, which I haven't done yet this year....oh well. Guess it's just not a year for the beach

  2. What a cute outfit girl! I really need that purse! So perfect!

  3. That's crazy! And super annoying that they managed to make people have to pay to go to the beach (that I thought were supposed to be public? Am I wrong here?)! Glad you were able to capture a few snaps because this look is so cute! Love the bag!

    District of Chic

  4. Oh wow! All of our beaches require payment (and it's usually way more than $10) so I guess I'm used to it (California) haha! But how nice would it be just to go and not worry about it? A girl can dream :-)


  5. That's exactly why I always avoided the beaches when I was in CT. It was always just such a hassle...but I'm glad you got these magical photos.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. Chic look, and that handbag is fabulous!!


  7. I haven't been to the beach or the pool even once this entire summer. I definitely hate the heat, so it's not something that's been a top priority. I'd rather go to the beach in like... October... and just sit by the water rather than go in anyways haha. But it does suck that people aren't getting to enjoy the beach the way they'd like to!

  8. I'm glad you found a beach spot in the end although the concept of having to pay something just to park at a beach is a bit weird to me, haha! All our parking round beaches is free, I can't think of anywhere that you have to pay. Unless of course you drive to a popular beach, can't find parking along the beach and so pay to park in one of the big car parks there.

    Hope that you are having a great week :)

    Away From Blue

  9. I love this whole outfit! You look amazing! I need that jumpsuit for myself!

  10. Wow, really Lydia?! That's pretty shocking! There are very few private beaches here in southern California, at least to my knowledge. Parking is usually free on the streets, but there are paid parking lots at most beaches that are anywhere from a few dollars to around 25 as well. The price of everything has gone way up which is too bad...but what can we do right? I'm a huge beach lover so the cost is worth it to me, but I totally understand the frustration!

  11. Ugh it IS so frustrating to have to enjoy literal nature for a cost. Glad you were able to get some shots though without anyone making a fuss! They turned out great!

  12. That's so sad it's so expensive just to visit your neighboring beaches!! Such a big part of Summer fun. But I love your jumpsuit, so cute babe!

    cute & little

  13. I've always been used to free public access to beaches, until I moved to Long Beach NY! I was blown away by how expensive it was.

  14. Love these beach pics and your jumpsuit! Super cute babe!

  15. Strangely enough, I only learned about these kind of private beach restrictions and fees when I first started watching Veronica Mars. Obviously, the Canadian coastline is a bit less desirable (and less lengthy), but as far as I know, all the beaches on it are public, and owning a beach front house does not mean you are entitled to the sand it is adjacent to, as well. Which, to me, is as it should be, but I know that how we handle it is probably the exception rather than the rule. I'm glad you managed to get these beach front photos either way - a summer really wouldn't be complete without them, and summer sadly does seem to be slipping away from us all too quickly once again :(

  16. that jumpsuit looks so good on you!
    the beach thing is a bummer, i've never heard of private beaches before-- maybe it's b/c i dont really go to the beach? hehe

  17. How odd. I read this and cannot imagine having to pay to go to the beach.
    Here most are public unless they are residential gated communities.
    Last year when I went to Cannes I was in awe. This little patch of beach crowded with people who had paid for tiny towel space with strangers less than a meter away. Then I realized sitting in a beach at Cannes was no luxury. Luxury is going to the beach and having it all to yourself with maybe one soul and a dog 60 meters away, like I do in my tiny third world country.
    BTW you look lovely and the spot for pictures was a great find.