Vintage Straw Bags Under $50

This week I decided to deviate from my usual (have I been doing it often enough to call it usual?) Friday Five Under $50 and share, well at lot more than five things. But they are still all under $50!

Every summer straw bags and totes are always part of the repertoire, but this year it feels like they are really taking center stage and showing up in more unique shapes and styles than just the standard market tote or clutch. Many of the bags feel like a throwback, so why not shop vintage and get something unique?

Thus, I've spent far too much time browsing Etsy and finding so many adorable, affordable vintage straw, wicker, and raffia bags. Happy shopping!

Sorry links are no longer working, but these beauties have all sold!


  1. Ooh great picks! You enabled me to look at bamboo bags on Etsy and a few definitely caught my eye!

  2. What a beautiful selection! If I hadn't just found a straw tote, I would definitely be rushing to purchase the fourth one that you found, I love the structured shape of it (and, I admit, the fact that there are already flowers in it, which tells me how pretty it would look with them in there. Once a blogger, always a blogger :P)

  3. They're all so cute!!! I don't need another purse but now you have me wanting one for Summer, haha!

  4. adorable picks! i ado really need one for me!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  5. I love a good straw bag for summer! I love all of your selection!

    Jessica |

  6. Even though I have 3 straw bags (small, medium and large) I was actually looking at one this weekend... it was vintage and just 15!