Linen Pants

I like to stand firmly in the camp of not paying full price for anything. So it was pretty bad that I went back to Loft two days after trying on these linen pants and buying them, at full price. Even though the whole store was 40% off, these were Lou & Grey and thus, disappointingly, excluded from the sale.

I will say I feel they were worth it, they are so soft and comfortable, yet look appropriate enough to wear to work, and since they are a linen blend, do not fall victim to the massive wrinkles I associate with the fabric. Not that I'm saying they don't wrinkle at all, just that in these photos I wore them at work all day and they still appear presentable. Unlike 100% linen when I steam the heck out of it and its gorgeous and then by the time I arrive at my destination it looks like I slept in it for a week.

I'm just going to have to defend my purchase by wearing the heck out of these pants and getting that cost per wear down.

 green linen pants, black tee, matine scalloped tote, panama hat-8.jpg green linen pants, black tee, matine scalloped tote, panama hat-5.jpg green linen pants, black tee, matine scalloped tote, panama hat-4.jpg green linen pants, black tee, matine scalloped tote, panama hat-9.jpg green linen pants, black tee, matine scalloped tote, panama hat-1.jpg green linen pants, black tee, matine scalloped tote, panama hat-3.jpg green linen pants, black tee, matine scalloped tote, panama hat-7.jpg green linen pants, black tee, matine scalloped tote, panama hat-2.jpg
The Rundown
Black Tee Gap similar
Linen Pants Lou & Grey
Sandals "Glorious" Franco Sarto via DSW similar
Tilly Tote Matine
Panama Hat J.Crew
Hammered Pendant Necklace Avon similar
Beaded Bracelet Alex & Ani
Gold Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Diamond Chip Ring c/o Crown Jewelry
Nail Color "Find Me An Oasis" Essie


  1. They definitely look like they were a good investment - I'm sure you'll get a ton of wear out of them this summer.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Linen is always a good idea in the summer...besides you're going to wear them so full price is fine!!

  3. THey are lovely pants, so I can see why you had to have them! :) I'm the same, I tend to stick to sales when I buy things. Even my wedding dress was on sale, haha! I have a leather jacket I paid full price for and it will always be my most expensive item of clothing. Just like you, I've gotta get that cost per wear down on it!

    Hope you are having an awesome week so far! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Your pants are stunning. I love linen clothes in summer.
    The hat is fabulous. Have a beautiful day.
    Love, Esther

  5. If it's any consolation about paying full price, they look fabulous on you!

  6. Oh girl I loatheee paying full price for things as well, but sometimes you just have to! These pants look sooo good on you and I love the color of them! They look like the perfect fabric for summer!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  7. I can see why you'd fall for those pants.. the colour reminds me of the Burberry ones I bought that barely fit right now....

  8. So chic- and love this with the sandals!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. I rarely pay full price for things either. Why should I when there is almost always some type of sale?? But these pants are so cute, they are totally worth the full price!


  10. Sometimes full price is worth it! These pants are so cute! I love the color and fit on you!

  11. Sometimes, when you love something, you just know - and it sounds like that was the case with these pants. They do look incredibly comfortable, and the truth is, you really can't put a price on linen that doesn't wrinkle (because the 100% variety really does, and what a pain to be constantly steaming!) These pants are beautiful on you and I hope you get lots of wear out of them this season, and for many more seasons to come.

  12. These pants are super chic and look super comfy for summer!

  13. Oh wow those are great pants! Total staple and ya know sometimes those types of staples are worth the full price! I love that hat and the necklace!

  14. So chic, and I love this look on you.

  15. I definitely should get myself linen pants. They look super comfy!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

  16. Ugh, I hate those exclusions from sales--especially at Loft. But I think you did the right thing in buying them, these pants are perfect on you! Now I want to go buy them, I need some olive pants!

  17. Such a great look. I love the half-tuck and the scalloped bag.

  18. Love the pants and the entire outfit. I'm sure you'll be able to style those pants for many spring and summer seasons to come! :-)


  19. Oh yes, those pants are definitely worth it. Love the colour, fit and you can never go wrong with linen! So chic for the warmer weather, plus they'll be so easy to dress up or down. Great choice lady + love how you styled them here! So pretty!! xo

  20. Those pants look amazing. Love the color too and how they look so comfy!

    Jessica |

  21. I love the idea of a linen blend instead of 100% linen because it drives me crazy when they are totally wrinkled!

    xo, Maddy